Celebration and Giveway!!!

It has finally arrived!  The big day… My blog is officially one year old!  If you didn’t see it already, check out my post on the 20 things I’ve learned about food blogging over the past year.  You  might find something on the list you can relate to.To make this a real celebration,  King Arthur Flour  is sponsoring an awesome giveaway!  In my opinion,  KAF is the absolute best baking company.  I drool when I look through their catalogue, or surf their website.  I’d love about ten of everything they sell.  And, as many of you probably already know, the quality of their products are superior.  The fact that they are an employee owned company makes their company even better. So, what is the giveaway?  Drum roll please…. One lucky winner will receive the following fantastic prize package.
1 package of assorted swirl cupcake papers
1 box of deliciously simple chocolate cake mix
A package of 9 sparkling bright-colored sprinkles
King Arthur also sent me an identical package.   I absolutely love it!!  I haven’t made a boxed cake mix in forever, and I forgot just how easy it is.  I threw all the ingredients into a bowl, and mixed them with my electric mixer.  In less than 5 minutes I was done.  The batter smelled so rich and chocolaty that I could hardly wait for the cupcakes to finish baking.   The cupcakes (all 24 ) baked perfectly, and are so moist and DELICIOUS!  (Confession) I’ve ate way too many of them.    This is the cake mix of my dreams!

The assorted swirl wrappers so colorful.  I used each and every color.  They are made of a heavier grade of paper, and are imported from Sweden.  I noticed the heavier paper helped prevent unwanted movement when I was filling them with the batter.  And, the sprinkles are so bright and cheery – I guarantee you will use them for many celebrations to come.  I tried to decide which one was my favorite color and couldn’t.  They all are so eye-catching. 

I know the winner of this package will absolutely love it.  It’s practical,  super delicious, and FUN!

This giveaway is valid  for US residents only. You must have a valid US street address for shipping purposes.  Sorry PO boxes and  international friends!

To Enter:

1.  Link to the KING ARTHUR FLOUR and find something  you LOVE.  Then leave me a comment describing it.

2. For a second, third and/or fourth chances to win FOLLOW King Arthur on FacebookTwitter, and The Baking Circle community.

3. For additional chances to win, SUBSCRIBE to The Joy of Caking by Email, RSS, or Twitter.

Leave a separate comment for each activity that you complete.  You must do this to create extra entries.

The  contest will close on Sunday, March 27th, at 6PM Eastern Time. The winner will be selected by random drawing and will be notified on March 28th.  At that time, the winner will need to provide their address.

Thank you so much for helping make this a great celebration!  Please keep following, and watch for changes I’ll be making to my site as I roll into year number two.


37 thoughts on “Celebration and Giveway!!!

  1. I love King Aurthur Flour! I always use their whole wheat flour. I just checked out their website and saw that they also carry Nielsen-Massey vanilla, another of my favorite ingredients!

  2. “something” i love – as in singular? you have got to be kidding me – what is there not to love on the king arthur site??? love their products.

  3. I love every King Arthur product! I have been to their website numerous times, but never looked at the recipes. Heavenly Hash Bars are on my “make soon” list. YUM

  4. I absolutely love their black cocoa. It really does make baked good so dark and chocolaty, and I have even used a small amount in a chili as a secret ingredient.

  5. Congratulations on your blog turning a year old!!

    My favorite King Arthur Flour product is the French Kiss Cookie Mix. They are delicious vanilla cookies laced with melted chocolate swirls.

    I also am a King Arthur Flour follower on Facebook.

    Again, congrats! 🙂

  6. CONGRATS to you! That’s an inspiration for me, as I recently started mine. 🙂

    As for my favorite KA product, the flour, of course! Specifically, I really like the Gluten-Free. It’s so nice to have access to that these days.

  7. The item I buy most frequently from King Arthur Flour is the Cinnamon Mini Baking Chips. These hard-to-find sweeties are perfect in my home-made scones. Not only do they provide a nice polka-dot of brown in the creamy white scone, but the bang of cinnamon flavor in the crumbly scone is luscious. The heat of the oven makes some of the chips burst and melt, becoming part of the scone and adding just enough cinnamon flavor. I just remembered that I need to order more cinnamon chips!

  8. Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary!!! Looking forward to more awesome posts and pictures in years to come. What I found and love, love, love at King Arthur’s is the parchment paper half sheets. How cool is that?


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