Tin Can Tourist Vintage Camper Rally

So, the day I’ve  long anticipated finally arrived.  A Tin Can Tourist Rally right here in the Finger Lakes.

When Bill and Denise Fletcher of Fletcher’s Vintage Trailer Sales told us about a camper rally they had planned for our area we had just started remodeling our 1972 Frolic Camper – aka – the Pink Paradise

And while we knew there was no way we would be ready to show off the Frolic, we graciously accepted an invitation to tour the fifty plus campers that were slated to be part of this years event. 

Fortunately for us, and everyone involved, the heavy rain our area was hit with the night before had ceased, the sun made it’s way out, and vintage camper doors were opened.

Many of the camper owners are do-it yourselfers just like hubby and I.  Like us, they have invested sweat equity into their vintage trailer projects and they seemed to enjoy sharing their stories with us as much as we enjoyed listening to them. 

As usual, I had my camera in hand, and here are just a few of the pictures I took.

It’s time to finish up the Frolic so we can show her off too! 

And yes, I’ve changed my blog theme again.  Like I said before, trying to find the right fit…


27 thoughts on “Tin Can Tourist Vintage Camper Rally

  1. That little red & white “Hi-Lo” was ours. My Fiance’ & I bought it from Jeff Jones in Greene, NY. When we purchased it he told us all about the TCT Rally so we joined and attended the Rally. It was a lot of fun and we met so many nice people. We have purchased a Shasta and a Lil’ Abe. The Shasta needs to be completely overhauled and we have since sold the Lil’ Abe. We currently have a 2006 Thor (I know…not vintage) which very comfortably accomodates his 13-year old son and two Australian Cattle Dogs. We are looking forward to attending our 3rd Rally this year!

    1. Karen, So nice to know a little bit more about that cute little camper. You would not believe how many people click on the photo of your (former) “Hi-Lo” for a closer look. It’s very popular. I am already looking for another project. With the Pink Paradise nearly done I miss having something creative to do. I understand there are advantages to going “new age” too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! Stay tune…

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  3. Have you seen any old motorhomes redone? Want to buy a motorhome instead of a trailer so I was just wondering. Also, where are these rally’s held?

    1. Claudia, I’ve never personally seen a motorhome redone but people are doing that. I’ve seen some on the Internet. The rally’s are held all over the US each year. To camp with the Tin Can Tourist’s you have to become a member of their organization. Best of luck to you!

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    1. I can’t wait to finish the Pink Paradise and join them either. I’m bummed because we can’t get to the bottom of a leak we have in the bathroom and it’s holding us up from finishing our work. Can’t close up the walls until we stop the water.

  7. How fun!! Love everyone of those trailers, really cool. Cannot wait for the Pink Paradise to make a debut.

    As for your new look – it’s nice and clean and that’s appealing. Would’t mind seeing your name just a little larger but love that only the center column scrolls – your name remains prominent at all times.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for your opinions. As you know, I truly value them. I need to fiddle with the heading at some point. I hope to keep this theme for awhile. I missed my photos not showing up in the other theme I tried. Worked on the Pink Paradise today. We’ve got to step it up a bit because the weather will be changing soon.

  8. Aren’t these little campers just the most fun?…mine is a 1954 Bellwood…completely torn down to the frame and built back up. One day I will make one of these rallys…looking forward to seein the Frolic in all its glory! p.s…one day I want to do a trailer in pink and over the top…maybe my next one..

  9. Great photos, for some reason, these photos give me feeling of vintage style. I like them a lot.

    Also thank you giving the touring of real life campers. I can only see them when a dealer puts them out in a mall or at a state fair.

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I’m glad you enjoy the posts I write and photos I share. Without readers it wouldn’t be nearly as fun… I love drooling over the new campers at the fair – they certainly have every thing one would need to camp, and then some – lol…


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