A Joy of Caking DIY Project –Make Your Own Earrings

I love baking, writing about food, and photographing food. I also love sharing  DIY projects to show you how simple and inexpensive they are to make.  Seriously, if I can make them, you can too! 

Sometimes it’s good to get away from the kitchen and exercise creativity elsewhere.  Besides, earrings have zero calories.  You can’t say that about a homemade Red Raspberry Custard Pie with Vanilla Crumb Crust, Chocolate Covered Caramel Cheesecake Bars, or Chocolate Kahlua Cake Pops – can you?

Have you priced earring as your local craft fair, or even your local department store lately? They’re not cheap.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make them yourself and save bundles.

Picnik collage

Supplies needed:

One pair of needle nose pliers, pierced earring hooks, and charm sets (with an enclosed circle at the top – as pictured above.)

I bought my supplies for these earrings at our local craft store for less than $5.00 – excluding the pliers that I  already had on hand. 

To make these style earrings:

Start at the base of the pierced earring (where the ring is.) Slide the small coil up slightly.  Using the pliers, pry open the small ring.  Slide the charm onto the opened ring and then close it  with your pliers.  

That’s it!  Simple and inexpensive.  Go ahead, fill your  jewelry box, give them as gifts, or sell them at your local craft fair. 

In case you missed the first TJOC DIY Project – Make your own soap, here it is.

photo experiment and soap 163correct



6 thoughts on “A Joy of Caking DIY Project –Make Your Own Earrings

  1. A fab baker, cook and now jewelry maker! Super cute earrings.

    Do you want to guest post this on BeBe? We have a newly added Create It section? Just an idea.

    I love Choc Chip Uru….he cracks me up.

    As always, love everything you do! Denise@BeBetsy


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