A Joy of Caking DIY Project

Every winter I need a reminder that spring is just around the corner.  One of the best ways to do that is by making something pretty, bright, and flowery smelling.

Homemade soap fills all those requirements.  With a block of clear, unscented glycerin soap base that is easy to find at your local craft store, a bottle essential oil, and a bottle or two of soap colorants you can create your own personalized soaps to remind you of April showers and May flowers.

You can invest in a soap mold or use Dixie cups, plastic electrical tape containers, or anything that you can think of that will get the job done.

I like to pick the glycerin soap up when I get the big coupons in the craft store’s weekly circular.  As for the oils and the colorants, they relatively inexpensive and seem to last forever.  You can also use them to scent homemade candles too.

This project is simple.  It does require a microwave for melting (follow directions on the glycerin package), and it’s very kid friendly (with adult supervision) of course. 

Soaps can be creatively packaged or stored in a box with a lid to help maintain their nice scents.

Check out last years batch here.

What little tricks help get you through the long winter months?  Do you buy yourself fresh flowers, start your spring cleaning early, or start a seed garden inside?




9 thoughts on “A Joy of Caking DIY Project

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  2. Making soap is on my bucket list. I realize it isn’t hard, but getting the supplies and making decisions about color, scent and shape keep me from making the plunge. One of my neighbors made me a whole basket full for Christmas, so that put it off because I have so many pretty ones to use….I can come up with any excuse to procrastinate!

    1. I know what you mean – I’ve put off making a few projects myself. When you get a nice gift basket full of soaps there really is no reason to make them. Sounds like you have a great neighbor.

  3. I used to make soap and candles years ago. While going through an old trunk last week, i found a couple of soap making books I thought i had given away. What a coinky dink!


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