A casserole you won’t forget

I’ve been stopping by The Pioneer Woman’s website from time to time.   I’m sure you’re familiar with her.  If you aren’t, then I suspect you’ve been living (under a rock?)   I’m drawn to her recipes, stories,  photographs, and photographing tips.   Without question, she is a very talented and creative person.  I know she  doesn’t need a small time blogger like myself  promoting her, she does well enough all on her own.  But…..

Yesterday,  she posted a recipe for a Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Casserole.  The moment I saw the ingredients and her mouth-watering photo’s I knew I was going to be making it for dinner.   

I did make a few adaptations to the recipe.  I used a lighter margarine, not butter, used parmesan cheese from the jar,  and added 2 small garlic cloves of crushed garlic to the mushrooms as they were browning.  I also bought a store roasted chicken to save time, I used vermicelli instead of thin spaghetti,  and  I used skim milk instead of whole.  The biggest change I made was cutting the amount of spaghetti (vermicelli) the recipe called for in half, and increasing the chicken by 1 extra cup. I think if I had used more vermicelli the casserole wouldn’t have been creamy enough.  Remember I used light margarine, and skim milk.  

This casserole is a keeper!  It’s so delicious that I’m adding it to my tried-and true recipes.  Talk about comfort food – oh man! 





10 thoughts on “A casserole you won’t forget

  1. So good! I love her website, and I’m often tempted to make her recipes the same day I seem them. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this deliciousness tonight. I hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wow your picture says it all! Talk about up close, personal and tempting. It’s a keeper for sure. Time for me to visit Pioneer Woman again. You did save a serving for me, right?

  3. I’m drooling looking at that bite! Thank you for sharing the recipe and your modifications. I’ve never made a spaghetti casserole before, never not ever. This sounds good I’d try this! Maybe this could be one of my go-to dinners…


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