Hamming it up

I’m a fortunate girl.  My husband is an awesome cook and he actually enjoys cooking.  We share the cooking responsibilities in our house and we each have our own cooking style, favor certain herbs, and there are things I make that he typically doesn’t, and vice versa.

For example, while I am the exclusive mac and cheese maker in the house, he turns out the chicken wings.

For Easter we bought a Tavern Ham which he immediately took charge of.  He sliced the ham thin, piled it into a hotel pan and flavored it with a honey mustard sauce and a few of his secret ingredients.  As usual, it was a huge hit.

easter ham 013

With the baking of this ham we had leftovers.  And that’s where I came in.  I decided to make some homemade bread so we could make enjoy tasty ham sandwiches.

bread and sandwich 001

I made my Soft White Bread recipe but substituted 2 cups of whole wheat flour for 2 of the cups of all-purpose flour. 

Without question, homemade bread takes some time to make but it is well worth the effort.

bread and sandwich 036

bread and sandwich 046

I think you might be hard pressed to find a deli sandwich that could compare to this one.  But if you happen to know of a deli that serves up homemade sandwiches like these I’d love to hear about it!

Who does the cooking in your house?


6 thoughts on “Hamming it up

  1. I love to cook – i do not like baking, although, this year, i am giving it a try. I need fun and easy stuff to make. Banana bread seems to be the main stay. I tried other things and they just didn’t seem to work. anyway, i wanted to comment on the ham dish, it looks really yummy. i will come back to see what else you are making.

  2. Could anything be better? Ryan and I both enjoy being in the kitchen too. In fact, he’s making bagels as I type! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. A delicious way to start my weekend. I hope yours is beautiful and bountiful.


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