My candid candy review

A couple of months ago Blair Candy Company sent me a box of goodies – yea!  And what could be better than getting a box of candies to sample – seriously?

I used the Snickers candy bars they sent to create a Snickers Cheesecake that turned out to be one of the TJOC greatest hits.  I wasn’t expecting that, and I certainly wasn’t expecting these little Trolli Strawberry Puffs (that also came in the goody box) to move to the top of my candy list either.

icecream 064

I  just couldn’t stay out of these.  After I ate what Blair Candy Company sent me I bought more; bags more!  And while I never thought it was possible, this candy has topped chocolate in my book.

icecream 066

And what makes them top on my list? They are a soft marshmallow candy with a nice (not sickie) strawberry flavor; 1 serving (7 pieces) has 110 calories and zero fat. 

So, what is the top candy on your list?

icecream 056

3 thoughts on “My candid candy review

  1. Since I am a sugar addict, and well a candy addict too, I like sooooo many different types of candy. BUT my all time favorite is cherry sours…..I eat WAY too many of those delicious little red treats:-) Since I am not big on chocolate, I love those strawberry puffs, they are so cute! Hugs, Terra


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