Picking blueberries and my mood

I love picking blueberries.  There is something therapeutic about it.  You start out thinking you’re never going to fill your (rather large) pail and before you know it, your mind wanders off and suddenly your pail is full of ripe, fresh berries. 

I  made a trip to Glenhaven Farm  to pick some berries today.  It was nice to enjoy the farms beautiful and quiet country setting and sample a couple of their delicious wines before heading home to make an old-fashioned blueberry custard pie (more on that in the near future).  I took my camera along for the ride, took some pictures while I was at the farm, and played around with it once I got back home.  A perfect afternoon in my book. 

I’ve notice that my mood dictates a lot of my posts.  Sometimes I feel more like writing, sometimes I feel like spending more time on my photos, and sometimes I’m just very concentrated on baking a perfect treat.  Today was definitely a photo day but I have to admit the reason I picked blueberries was for the sole purpose of making an old-fashioned blueberry custard pie.  The pie turned out delicious and we had it for dessert.  It was very hard to refrain from going back for a second piece.


blueberries 017


blueberries 040


blueberries 042


blueberries 029


blueberries 031


These gals were waiting for me when I got home.


blueberries 034


blueberries 033


To be continued.  Stay tuned for more on the old-fashioned blueberry custard pie….

Is it interesting enough?

Today I read an interesting  post written by the author of Food Woolf.  I stumbled across this blog on Twitter.  I’m glad I did.  The post is titled Are you Fascinating“.   The author touches upon the importance of our contributions as bloggers, and the importance of what we have to say, and how we say it.  Her opinion differs with that of (as she describes her) a well-respected food blogger that she heard speak at a recent food blogging conference.  This piece is definitely worth the read.  

I actually had began to wonder if  what I write is interesting enough.  Have you ever wondered this?  Maybe it’s because I feel a bit vulnerable without my camera to help tell  my stories.  Maybe it has nothing to do with the  camera. 

Truthfully, looking back,  this feeling started when I decided to cut back on my baking which resulted in less baking posts.  After all, my blog is a food blog.  People follow it for that reason.  It attracts like-minded people.   Offering a healthy post with a cup of sugar-free Jell-O isn’t quite the same.  I get that.  I’d much rather read a post that offers a great recipe and pictures of a piece of homemade apple pie too. 

Maybe part of  my recent worries come from seeing  some of my fellow bloggers progressing, moving full steam ahead.  Many are receiving  great opportunities to promote their blogs while mine sits stalled.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am very happy for them.  But – seeing their success  makes me question my future as a blogger. 

Part of me  is also battling that dreaded – shhhh – writers block.  I can lay a post out in my head, and the minute I sit down to actually write it, everything (as they say) goes to hell in a handbasket.  I think that comes from my urge to chatter about things that may not interest my readers at all.  Knowing this, I struggle.  Do I write for myself?  Or, do I write for the sake of others?  It’s not easy sharing yourself with people you don’t know.  It requires self-confidence,  trust,  and a bit of courage (as you all know). 

I’ve written at other places too.  Example, at Helium.com .  There, my pieces  ranged from fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Each article written at Helium is rated by peers.   Some of my writings at Helium were more complex, some  more personal, some offered my knowledge, or opinions about certain subjects, and some were  just for fun.   Some articles required research, like the writing contest I entered about the campaign finance system.  My articles on Helium helped me grow as a writer,  just as writing for my blog does.

I suppose that I should just relax and take some of Food Woolf’s advise “Don’t believe the voices that tell you that what you do isn’t special.”   The mere fact that I enjoy writing, and I do it often, is probably what is most important.  I have some very loyal readers who I truly appreciate, and I consider each of them excellent bloggers. I’m thankful I’m in such good company.