Vote For Kickin Habanero Cheese Crackers at Marx Foods Now

The voting has begun at Marx Foods for the Blogger Chile Recipe Contest.  If you liked my recipe for Kickin Habanero Cheese Crackers please show your support by voting


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Project Food Blog Challenge #2 – Voting Ends Today

Zwiebelkuchen, a German Onion Cake


Just a reminder, if you haven’t voted yet, today is the final day to vote for contestants in challenge #2 of Project Food Blog at Foodbuzz. You can vote until 6PM Pacific Time.   I really appreciate all of you helping me get this far, and I would love to advance to challenge #3.  I’ve been working on the third challenge (just in case) I make it that far, and let me tell you, its work!   Here is the link for my voting.  

Have a great day! 


Project Food Blog Voting is open!

It’s finally here!  The voting has begun for PFB 2010’s first challenge sponsored by  I have to admit the first challenge was a tough one.  It forced me to work outside my comfort zone.  A good thing though.  That’s part of the reason I entered this contest in the first place.  I need to be challenged from time to time, and this was a great way to do so.  I look at every challenge as a way to grow, learn, and hopefully become better at something.  With a little luck, and some help from you, I’m hoping to make it to round 2!

Please visit the voting site and cast your vote today…

Look for this image and you’ve found me.