Maple Sour Cream Cake Recipe Review

I eagerly strolled out into my kitchen today to make a cake recipe that I found on Technicolor Kitchen’s blog.  The original recipe came from Food 52.

The photo’s of this Maple Sour Cream Cake on Technicolor Kitchen’s blog looked so delicious (all of her baked goods do) that I don’t know who could resist making such a beauty.

And then there was reality…

Sadly, this cake turned out nothing like I was expecting.  Either in taste or texture.  The cake was extremely heavy and oily, browned too quickly when it was baking,  and tasted much more like egg than anything else.

So, was it something I did?  Let’s take a look, and feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

I used olive oil instead of canola oil.  It should be noted that I usually bake with olive oil and generally don’t have any issues with it, but I suppose that could have been a contributing factor.   I used an electric mixer in place of a whisk – ??  And for the actual baking, I ended up lowering the heat to 325 degrees because the outside was getting too dark too fast (I did follow the baking instructions to the letter). 

It’s inevitable that when you  try new recipes there will be some that you are tickled with, and others that you aren’t.  I like to use these experiences to try and improve on the concept of the recipe.  I’ll do a little experimenting and see if I can shape this recipe to fit my expectations of  what I think a Maple Sour Cream Cake should be.

What’s the last recipe you can remember making that didn’t turn out a thing like you expected it to?