Giant What?

Pumpkins….. My latest endeavor came on a whim. To grow one of New York State’s largest pumpkins. Although I’m not really out to set any world records, the idea of growing a 500 pound pumpkin in our back yard motivates me – just a little.

I found this packet of seeds for growing giant 400-500 lb pumpkins as we were strolling through the garden center at Lowes the other day. I figured it would be a couple bucks well spent just to see how easy, or not, it is to grow a giant pumpkin.

The package contained six seeds (was supposed to have seven). Last night I planted three seeds each, in used yogurt cups (with holes in the bottom for drainage) and I used dirt from our garden (nothing fancy about our garden dirt). The pack say’s it should take around 7 days to germinate so I’m watching for the first sign of life. The pumpkins will need 120 days to mature so I figure we will need a big set of scales handy sometime in September.