Pink Paradise–Update #2

A lot has happened in the Pink Paradise since my last update

We insulated and installed wainscoting on the ceiling and wall in the area where the table/bed will be. Spackled and filled holes, prepped the surface of the floor, and installed self-stick tiles where the table/bed will be.  We wallpapered behind the stove, and then took it back off after finding that the surface underneath the paper was in need of more work. We tested the electric and found the lights and the stove hood all work, puttered with the fridge and believe it works but we need to level the trailer before we go any further, repaired damaged screens, and did a little more painting.  Whew…

This area shown (below) was exposed prior to getting the camper.  The insulation was missing so we replaced it.  I wasn’t paying attention when my husband said we needed to reinforce the ceiling before putting up the wainscoting and you will see a slight sag in the new ceiling.

Frolic June3 029

 Frolic June3 036

frolic and wall paper 005

The floor tile (below) was so inexpensive, and was an easy quick install.

 Frolic June3 054

Frolic June3 057

The wallpaper on the side of the cupboard (shown below) stays, but the rest of the wallpaper had to be removed. More wall prep is necessary before re-installation.  But we have lights!

frolic and wall paper 002

Nearly every screen needed to be replaced.  They look so much better now.Frolic June3 047

 Frolic June3 048

There is going to be a vintage travel trailer rally here in the Finger Lakes area (Sampson State Park) in September.  I can’t wait to go check out all of the cool campers.  If we don’t take the Pink Paradise this year, I’m hoping to do so next year. 

Yet to come; covering the exposed wheel well and revising a cupboard area, trim work installation, cushions, curtains, and wallpapering, bathroom remodel, and firing up the appliances.  And once we finish the inside, we will move to the outside. 

Have a great weekend!