Red, White and Finger Lakes Wine

Bully Hill Sweet Walter Red

Relaxing with my glass of  Bully Hill’s Sweet Walter Red tonight gave me idea.  Why not blog a bit about wine?  You know, promote something I like.  So, here it is.    

The Finger Lakes Region of New York State  has some awesome wines (and, they are right in my backyard, so to speak).   I  have to admit there have been a few occasions that I’ve done a little sampling.     

It’s actually too hard to put my finger on my favorite wine since there are so many to choose from.  The two pictured on my blog rank well on my list of must haves in stock. And, just like baked goods, I have a sweet tooth when it comes to wine.  I usually forgo the drier wines and opt for something semi-sweet, and often sweeter.   Both wines pictured here are sweet.  It’s simply a matter of personal preference.  I really enjoy other wines from the local wineries too and I’ll feature those in the future as well.     

When wine tasting in the Finger Lakes, keep in mind that each winery offers dry to sweet varieties.  Most offer reds, whites, blushes, champagne and ice wines to sample.  There is often a small charge associated with the sampling ( a dollar or two) but  a lot wineries will give you  that back on the purchase of a bottle from their store.     

I’d love to hear what your favorite wine is?  Where is it produced?  What country and region?    


Swedish Hill Svenska White

Berry Good – I hope

This weekend was a busy one.  Mowing, trimming, mulching, planting, painting, baking, and entertaining.  And somehow, aside from all the work, it was relaxing.  We even managed to find time to fit a couple of movies in too.  If every day could feel as productive, yet as relaxing as this weekend was, I’d be happy.  

I really enjoy the simple things in life and there is something that feels great when you can accomplish tasks without feeling the stress of having to do so.  I took a few minutes today to look at our strawberry, red raspberry, and blueberry plants.  They are looking fine…  I hope they produce large quantities of big, ripe, delicious berries.  And, hopefully we can harvest them before the deer, rabbits and birds beat us to it. 

Strawberry Plant
Red Raspberry Plant
Blueberry Bush