Freeze or In Motion Photography

I think I’ve read about shutter speed a gazillion times.  Call me blonde, dense, learning disabled, or whatever the heck you want but it’s taken some actual practice (with my shutter speed priority) to grasp the concept of how a camera’s shutter speed actually works. 

And no, I’d rather not try to explain shutter speed to you.   I might confuse you, or worse yet, myself! What I can tell you is that there are tons of great web sites that can explain it much better than I could ever begin to.

One thing I recently found that looks like it might be helpful in the future is this chart which I’ve bookmarked.

Are you ready to see my practice shots?

These images are of a small nearby stream.  I was using my Nikon D3100 with a 55mm lens.  The camera was set on shutter speed priority only. 

walk in the woods 015

f/25 – 1/10 second – ISO 800.  This is the slowest shutter speed in these three pictures.  The captured image of the water is a flowing in motion.

walk in the woods 016

f/13 – 1/50 second – ISO 800  This shutter speed is faster than the one above but slower than the one below. The  captured image of the water is a combination of flowing in motion and frozen.

walk in the woods 017

f/8 – 1/160 – ISO 800  This shutter speed is the fastest of the three.  The captured image of the water is frozen.

And what if you’re in a moving vehicle?

This picture was taken while I was a passenger riding in vehicle traveling about 40 mph.  It took some practice to get to this point where I could avoid blur and get a still life. 

photo experiment and soap 020 

f/13 – 1/640 second – ISO 1600

We were traveling about 55mph when I took this picture. 

photo experiment and soap 028

f/13 – 1/640 – ISO 1600

It’s good to know how to use the shutter priority on your camera and the best way to familiarize yourself with it is by actually practicing.  Don’t be afraid to take a lot  of pictures.  You will be able to see progress with a wide range of settings and images.

If you want to practice with me send me an email and let me know.  I’ll give you next weeks assignment.  It could be lots of fun!

Photo’s, a Pretty Little Primrose, and a Turkey

When I started blogging I didn’t realize how important a good photograph could be. I knew very little about depth of field, lighting, composition, and ISO. In fact, I started out blogging with an ancient digital point and shoot.

I also knew zilch about photo editing programs, other than how to hit the auto correct button that I frequently came to rely on, but found did little good.

I took pictures at the worst possible time of the day. There was no way in world I was going to get a decent picture while relying on artificial light in a dimly lit room. Especially without using any fancy photography lighting equipment or hint of natural light.

I discovered direct sunlight and flashes weren’t my friends either. Both created shadows that distracted from my food.

Aside from the lighting issues, I have learned to deal with the challenges of taking pictures of food in general. As you know, food quality changes quickly. A slice of bread will dry up, ice cream will melt, apples will turn brown, etc.

I realize I still have a lot to learn but I’ve found  one of the best ways to improve my pictures is to practice, practice, practice.  I do this by photographing things that aren’t going to melt – like this pretty little primrose or our turkey.

new primrose 0021

Primrose 0121

frozen treats 0641