In the Pink–No More Ugly Duckling!

The day has finally arrived to unveil the Pink Paradises’ (Pinkie for short) new paint job – yea!!!

Do you remember the ugly duckling before?


And here are pictures showing our work in progress.

Take a look at her after!

There are still some things that we need to do to finish her up, but what’s a little more work at this point – right?  I’m very happy with how she looks.  She turned out exactly how I envisioned she would – BEAUTIFUL! 


My Vintage Travel Trailer; The Beginning

With my flower beds all spruced up, freshly mulched, and looking like something out of an issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine – okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, I announced to my hubby that I needed a project.

Little did he know what I had in mind, or should I say in store.  In fact, I had been hashing this (not so) little project over in my head for quite awhile.

frolic 032

For years now, this little diamond in the rough has been sitting out back waiting for someone’s undivided attention.  That someone, as it turns out, is me.

I love just about anything vintage, retro, and antique, so when I started looking on-line and saw how people are re-doing vintage travel trailers and making them into the coolest, hippest, tiny spaces on wheels, of course I wanted in.

Armed with bee spray, a shop vacuum, and massive cleaning supplies, I dug in.  A couple of hours into the start of this project I wondered if I had suddenly, without any warning, become insane.  There’s always that chance you know. 

Apparently, the chipmunks, mice, bees and ants take vacations too because  I found chew holes in the walls and cabinets, along with mouse droppings and  black walnuts that had been stashed in every drawer and crevice. I even found an abandoned honey comb under a seat, and the ants still visit daily.

frolic 002

frolic 024

Since I’m not a fan of inexpensive dark wood paneling, which is pretty much what this whole travel trailer is made up of, I am painting  the inside of it, as well as the outside.   And my color of choice?  Hold on to your coffee cups, PINK!  Of course, out of consideration for my hubby I asked him if he’d mind the color pink and he (being the loving and supporting) husband that he always is, said “No, this is your project, you paint it any color you want.”  Hence, he has already come up for a name for her “Pink Paradise”.

My objective; beautify this relic on a shoestring budget, and use as much recycled material as I can come up with.  I’ve got a pretty good start on that  since I have some scraps of laminate flooring and lumber on hand.  I am going to use some wallpaper that I bought at a dollar store a few years ago and never  put to good use, and with  a few modifications I might be able to recycle some old curtains I’ve been storing for Lord only knows why. 

Follow along as I  take you on my journey of transforming this beast, into a beauty. 

Click here to see (lot’s of pictures) of our work in progress.   Also, at the bottom of this post are pingback links that you can follow to see our restoration work too.

And here she is close to finished!  

Mission nearly accomplished!

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My Free Cabinet and Some Elbow Grease

project 006

apple topping 003

apple topping 006

cabinet cupcakes coasters 001

cabinet 008

cabinet 003

cabinet 006

bottom cabinet 002

When I spotted this cabinet sitting beside the road with a  free sign on it, I immediately scarfed it up.  I knew with a little elbow grease, along with some help from my awesome hubby (who is an excellent carpenter), I could transform this old cabinet from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. 

As I loaded the cabinet into our truck I noticed it was lacking knobs and needed a pretty trim.  I also noted it would need a little wood putty and a new paint job to do it justice. 

At first, I wasn’t actually sure what I would use this cabinet for.  But when I got it home I realized this would work perfectly to hold all of my blogging and photo props, along with my ever-growing quantity of baking supplies.

I spent a good share of time stripping the cabinet to see what kind of wood was under the old paint.  Since I wasn’t sure if I wanted re-finish or repaint the cabinet I decided stripping it was necessary.  I knew the type and condition of the wood underneath the old paint would lead me in the right direction.  Once the paint stripping was well under way, I concluded painting the cabinet was the best option.  The wood was nothing fancy; mostly pine and plywood.  Unfortunately, there was no pretty oak, walnut, or cherry to re-finish.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to add some trim to the drawers and bottom doors of  the cabinet to make it more aesthetically appealing.   A trip to our local Home Depot yielded just the trim I had in mind.  The best part; the molding cost less than ten dollars.  

This is where my carpenter came into play.  He cut and installed all of the molding for me, along with replacing the bottom in a drawer that we found to be falling out.

I filled all of the tiny holes with wood putty, did some heavy sanding, taped off the glass doors, and finally the cabinet was ready to repaint.

Thankfully, hubby has a paint sprayer and agreed to help me paint the cabinet too.  A sprayer  gives used furniture a much more professional looking finish than a brush or roller does.  I mixed two open cans of  paint that I had on hand together to create the color I was looking for.  This saved me the expense of buying paint for it too.

I used a black spray paint to repaint the original hinges that I had salvaged, and I  painted some knobs that I had left over from another project black also.

To complete the project, we put the doors back on, and added the knobs to the doors and drawers. 

All I have to do now is finish filling the cabinet.  I suspect that won’t take me very long at all.

Would you drive by a free cabinet sitting beside the road without stopping?  Or, would you stop and load it in your vehicle?


The Mantel – Phase 1 Complete

The fireplace mantel project I’ve been working on hasn’t been moving very quickly, but I do have an update.  It has been painted, and now sits waiting for phase two.   Installation.

The story behind this mantel?  It was on clearance for, brace yourselves, $15.00 at our local Bargain Outlet.  Yes, you read it correctly, fifteen dollars.  When I saw the price  I couldn’t get it loaded on my cart  fast enough.  I’m all about saving money.

The mantel wasn’t perfect, but not far from it.  We did find some very minor damage to one of the front pillars when we unpacked it.  Nothing my husband, a little wood glue, and a clamp couldn’t fix.  In the meantime,  I used wood putty to fill the small holes where the finish nails had left their mark.  Once the wood putty dried I lightly sanded the spots and primed the entire mantel.

Then came the actual painting.  I opted for a bright, white paint with a light gray accent color.  I love how the two colors came together.

The next phase of this project is to build a hearth so we can use the gas fireplace insert we bought for it.  My husband has that all planned out, and I have to pick out the tile we are going to use in the hearth, and the slate or brick for the floor.

Phase 2 here we come!   Do  you conquer your own home project(s) ?  What’s the best bargain you have found for one of your projects?  Please do tell, I’d love to hear about them.