Holiday Shopping at The Mercantile – Handcrafted Rustic Cedar Cheese Boards

Can you believe that it’s already time to start thinking about the holidays?  I can’t either!  Parties, guests, food, gifts, etc.  I decided to start easing into the holidays at The Mercantile this month by focusing on them.

Last spring I made some handcrafted rustic cedar cheese boards. My intention was to sell them, until, I showed them to my daughter and my sister in-law who absolutely loved them.  When I asked them if they’d like one, they eagerly said yes.  And need I say more?

Since I am already lining up projects to keep me occupied this winter, I decided to make some more cheese boards.  I’m hoping to sell these before I show them to anyone else in the family!

Each board is unique, and each varies in size, color, and yes, even in their imperfections.  These are made from aged cedar which has been milled and hand rubbed with a food grade oil to help preserve them (by me).

These would make the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT for the FOODIES in your life.  Or, you could always splurge on yourself too!

The description and prices of each board are outlined below.

Rectangular Cheese board #1 (small) is approximately 10 1/2” long x 7 1/4” wide and is about 9/16” thick.  This board is $20.00, plus shipping. SOLD

Rectangular Cheese board  #2 (medium) is approximately 14 3/4” long x 7 1/4” wide and is about 5/8” thick.  This board is $25.00, plus shipping. SOLD

Rectangular Cheese board # 3 (large) is approximately 16 1/2” long x 7 1/2” wide and is about 9/16” thick.  This board is $30.00, plus shipping.  SOLD

If you’re interested in purchasing one of my handcrafted cheese boards then please EMAIL me with the size that you’d like to purchase.  Since I only have three boards finished at this time, orders will be filled first come, first serve.  Once a board has sold I will contact the buyer with a grand total (including the shipping charges).  I will also note on my blog if a board is no longer available.  Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

If you have any questions about the sale please contact me prior to making your purchase.

Other sale terms

* Seller has the right to cancel this sale at any time without prior notice – but will probably never have to do that because only civilized people come to my blog Smile

* All items sold as is.  These cheese boards have natural imperfections.

* All sales final

* Props not included

Please not that the picture below is of the underside of the medium cheese board.  Each underside board has knot holes and similar characteristics.  Also, these photos have been edited and the color may appear slightly different from the actual board.

Pair one of these boards with a nice piece of cheese and a good bottle of wine and you’ve got one gift down!  How many people do you have to buy for this holiday season?


Peppermint Chocolates – The Perfect Holiday Gift

I’ve been on a baking streak for months; a baking fool.  If you can think of it, I’ve made it.  So I guess it isn’t odd for me to decide (with the holiday season) fast approaching that I need to be selective in my baking this month.  I’ve eaten way too many sweets since I started my baking blog.  Not only do I bake for the blog, but I have baked other things that I haven’t posted.  That adds up to a lot of sugar, and a lot of calories, even after sharing my homemade treats with family and friends. 

What does a girl do when she ends up with this kind of dilemma?  She spends less time baking and blogging, gets out the exercise bike, dusts it off, loads some new songs on her MP3 player, and starts pedaling.   I knew sooner or later it would come to this.   In the meantime….

This treat does involve using chocolate, but no baking, and since I’m pedaling my you know what off, I made just enough to put in cute little gift boxes to give away. 

Supplies you will need: A candy mold (I picked one up at the local craft store on sale for about $2.00).  (5) peppermint candies, and one cup of your favorite chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet).

Crush the candies and sprinkle some in the bottom of  each mold.  Set the remainder of the candy aside.  Next, put the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir, and microwave another 30 seconds.  This may take you several times of melting (depending on the size of your microwave) and stirring but the object is to melt the chocolate slowly, and not to overheat it.

Once the chocolate is melted work quickly using a teaspoon to fill each (ungreased) mold, once each one is filled sprinkle more crushed peppermint on top.  If the chocolate starts to harden before you fill all of your molds you can melt it again in the microwave but only in 10 second intervals. 

If you only purchase one mold  there will be a small amount of chocolate and crushed peppermint left over.   My mold made 12 candies and I made bark by pouring the left over chocolate on a piece of parchment paper and sprinkled the left over candy on top.

After you have done all the molding let the chocolate harden in a cool dry place.  Once firm, carefully turn the mold over and the chocolates should easily fall out.  Package them as you desire.  I guarantee these little treats will fool just about everyone.  Those receiving them will think you spent hours making them, and in reality it is a quick 15 minutes, or less project.