A Joy of Caking DIY Project –Happy Hour Coasters

tile coaster 0021

I decided to make some trendy coasters for  gatherings where cocktails just might be served.  Once I made these coasters I decided this would be a great DIY project to share with all of you.  As most of TJOC DIY projects are; this project is fun, inexpensive and simple to make.  You will need to break out your Mod Podge though! 

Fun fact; I just found out that Mod Podge  was created in 1967.  That makes it a couple years younger than I am.   Jeez, I really hate to admit that…  I guess that’s why I feel like Mod Podge is a retro kinda thing.

I found my inspiration to make these coasters from two crafty bloggers,  Sarah at DIY or Don’t and Sandra at The White Library.  Sarah opted to use decorative craft paper to make her coasters, while Sandra opted to use a stamp.   I love both techniques but I decided to use paper for my first project since the tiles I had on hand were glossy and would have made stamping impossible.

For this project you will need:

4”x4” ceramic tiles (I used white and off-white tiles.)

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Hot glue gun

Scissors/Xacto knife

Decorative craft paper of your choice (Also can use photo’s wrapping paper, etc.)

Foam, cork, or felt

Clear lacquer spray

The 4’’x4” tiles,  lacquer spray, and foam brush can all be found at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

As far as the other supplies go, you will  need to visit  your local craft store.

Steps to make these coasters:

1.)  Cut out decorative craft paper, pictures, or images that you wish to use on the face of your tiles.  (I cut each drink glass out individually.)

2.)  Working with one tile at a time, use your foam brush and lightly coat the top of the tile with Mod Podge. 

3).  Place the image or piece of paper you selected on the tile that has been coated with Mod Podge.  *Keep in mind that once the paper is applied to the coated tile it cannot be moved.   Carefully smooth out any air bubbles under the paper.

4.)   Allow 1st coat of Mod Podge to dry completely before applying 2nd and 3rd  coats.  *Always allow full drying between coats.

5.)   Cut out foam, cork, or felt; set aside

6.)   Spray each tile with the 1st coat of lacquer spray; allow to dry completely.

7.)   Apply 2 more coats of lacquer.  *Always allow full drying between coats.

8.)   Glue your choice of foam, cork, or felt to the bottom of each tile.

tile coaster 0041

With  coasters like these there is no need to worry the your good furniture getting ruined from wet glasses.  Goodbye water rings!

I imagine you could go crazy with Mod Podge and tiles if you wanted to.  I can envision coasters being made for the holidays, family reunions with old photo’s, party or wedding favors, and the list goes on and on.

Go ahead and let some of that creativity you’ve been bottling up out!

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Happy Hour!

Happy Hour at our house involves more than just a cocktail, it involves a great dinner created by two foodies who appreciate each others abilities to prepare, and devour.  And prepare and devour we did! 
The plan had been set in place earlier in the day with the standard question of “What’s for dinner tonight?”  It doesn’t matter who asks the question, what’s more important is who answers it.  I don’t know about you but sometimes it seems to be a painstaking task just trying to decide what to make for dinner.
After careful consideration of weighing our choices a plan emerged.  My husband would grill a couple of strip steaks, top them off with onions and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil, and throw some crumbled Stilton’s blue cheese on top.  He even decided to get out the sizzle platters for the occasion.
Happy Hour wouldn’t be that without a cocktail so I made a  giant white wine Spitzer.  I prefer to make these using (wine) ice cubes made with my favorite white wine.  Now keep in mind that alcohol doesn’t freeze entirely, if at all.  It depends on the sugar content, so the cubes have a slushy consistency.  After putting the cubes in a large wine glass add your favorite sparkling water.  I used a diet cranberry-raspberry.  Garnish with your favorite fruits.  I used a wedge of lemon, and some fresh raspberries from our garden.  Ooh, so refreshing, and low in calories.   I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Needless to say he did a superb job, and it’s a darn good thing the wine Spitzer was low cal!