No pictures for how long? Or, refrigerator either?

This week has not been the best.  My camera (Sony Cyber-Shot) which is less than six months old had to be sent to Laredo, Texas, for a product safety issue.  It emitted smoke and a foul odor while using it recently. 

No, I really didn’t want to send my camera away since I use it regularly for my blog, and Esty, but my calls to Sony customer relations proved fruitless.  Even with the one year limited warranty the only solution they could offer me was to send it away, far away. 

Here are my concerns, and here is Sony’s responses.

1.)  I can’t afford to be without my camera for an undisclosed amount of time.  (There are no guarantees from Sony how long this assessment and repair will take.)  Their response, “This is the only solution we can offer.”

2.)  When I asked for them to simply replace my camera.  Their response, “We don’t offer an advanced product exchange.”

3.)  When it was apparent that there was no other option other than repair,  I asked if I could take my camera to a camera repair center in my area. Their response, “There are none, Laredo, Texas, is the only repair center.”

4.)  When I explained my fear that once they received the camera they wouldn’t find what was wrong with it.  You know how that works – it’s like taking your car to the garage for repair and the car doesn’t act up.  Their response, “I have noted your concern.”

5.) When  I asked  them if they would  extend my warranty since the camera will be gone for who knows how long, and it’s malfunctioned, and may never be right again.  Their answer – no response.   Yes, I’m a skeptic.

What is wrong with companies today?  Why isn’t customer relations important?  I know this is not the case with all companies.  I’ve received great customer service from PayPal, Verizon Wireless, my local bank, and recently General Electric regarding a recall on my washing machine. 

I can’t say the same about Frigidaire though.  When our (over) $1000.00 (less four-year old refrigerator)  nearly burnt our house down awhile back I got the same indifference from their call center that I got from Sony.  My husband repaired the refrigerator twice now.  The third time it went down I unplugged it, and it sits empty in our kitchen.  Without an extended warranty they were willing to do nothing.   Instead of wasting more money I’m using two old refrigerators in our basement, and a small, cheap, college dorm fridge I put in our kitchen.  Yes, I’m stubborn.  It should be noted that the appliance parts center in our area said this is not uncommon with this particular model. 

So, if anyone out there reading this has really big connections with a camera or refrigerator manufacturer,  I’m up for a product review right about now. 

Is it just me?  Do you have horror stories like mine?   I’d love to hear about your favorite, and not so favorite companies to deal with.  Who stands behind their products, and who doesn’t?

Who knows, maybe Sony will surprise me.  (I doubt it)  There is that skeptic coming out in me again.  Only time will tell.  Lots of time.



Who couldn’t resist the headline (no bake) on this box of Jell-O brand cheesecake?   On a hot, extremely busy Memorial Day weekend with lots of other fun things to be doing, I for one couldn’t.

I do however, have a couple confessions to make.  I always try to make my baked goods from scratch.  Sometimes on a rare occasion I cheat a wee bit and buy a box mix, or a store-bought item.  Sure I know, and can tell the difference, but there are times it’s warranted (in my mind). 

The second part of my confession is that I have never made a homemade cheesecake.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  For one,  I don’t own a springform pan, and secondly, I know homemade cheesecake recipes make enough to feed an army, and I don’t have an army to feed. 

As it stands now, I give at least half of the baked goods I make away to friends and neighbors.   In many cases the extra goodies end up in our freezer for a day that I don’t feel like baking.  Right now there’s only a loaf of lemon-blueberry bread in our spare freezer.  Probably due to the fact that our Frigidaire side by side that I used for freezing my goods has broken down for the 2nd time this year. (Did I mention it’s only four years old? And of course there is no warranty left on it.) My last call to the company ended in frustration when I was transferred to a young woman who I could tell was very proficient in Spanish, and not so much in English.  She also had me on hold more time than she spent conversing with me, and could offer very little to remedy the problem.    Okay, enough about Frigidare…

Any who… I’ve made cute little mini cheesecakes before with Nilla Wafers and a real cream cheese mixture.  They are yummy little devils.   I’ve made this cheesecake from the box before too.  The one thing that stood out when I made this today was how little time, effort, and ingredients it took to throw this together.  Even the most apprehensive person in the kitchen could handle this recipe.   A little melted margarine, some sugar, and milk, and a topping of your choice (I’m opting for fresh strawberries from our garden)  – it’s just that simple.    

Now, I’m not advocating boxed foods – but sometimes a girl just has to do, what a girl has to do….  And, one of these days when I’m expecting an army of people  I’ll buy that springform pan and make a real homemade cheesecake.