Peonies Are In Blossom

Most of this weekend was spent working on the Pink Paradise and we made a considerable amount of progress.  I’ll be sharing an update with you later this week.

What I didn’t do this weekend was bake.  I have had an idea for a cookie bar that’s been stuck in my head and I can’t wait to make them and see how they turn out.  When I get around to making them I’ll share those too!

What I couldn’t resist sharing today are some pictures I took of our peonies.  Aside from lilacs, peonies have to be one of my most favorite fragrant flowers.  It’s too bad that the fragrant flowers have such a short bloom time.

peonies and frolic 015

peonies and frolic 019

peonies and frolic 029

What did you do this last weekend?  Bake anything good we should know about?