Sweet dreams are made of these


I have a weakness for collecting cookbooks, preferably vintage cookbooks, and when I recently picked this Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book up for a couple bucks at a local estate sale I was on cloud nine.  


I love shopping at flea markets, tag sales, auctions, etc.  I like the idea buying something that someone else might have once treasured, while saving some money in the process.  I found handwritten recipes on scraps of paper tucked in this book making me feel as if I had somehow inherited a piece of  their history.  One thing I can promise the prior owner of this book, I will treasure it, and use it often. 

If I don’t bake for awhile I get edgy.  It may sound odd to those who don’t like to bake, but to me it’s a way to exercise my creativity, while slipping away from all the other stresses in this world.  In my kitchen it’s just me, my ingredients, and sometimes our watchful dog. 


After scouring through two of my cookbooks I came up with todays baking project – Cream Puffs with a blueberry whipped cream filling. 

Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook


Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book


I followed the Choux paste recipe to the letter, but adapted the fruit filled cream recipe.




For the filling, I whipped heavy cream and folded in a thick homemade blueberry sauce.  The results are sweet! 


I piped the filling into small holes in the cream puffs so I didn’t have to cut them.  I used my Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator.  It worked like a charm. 

I have to say I feel relaxed after baking, but I bet I’ll feel even better when it’s time for dessert!