DIY – Create Your Own Wall Art

Recently, I was snooping around Walmart when I happened upon a machine in the photo department that prints faux canvas images of your photographs relatively cheap. 

Since I think this is a really cool product, (and no, Walmart isn’t paying me to write this post), I decided to play around with one of my photographs and show you what I mean.

flowers 019color

The photo above is my original.  With  a little help from my photo editing program I transformed that original image into a black and white, a faux painting, and a picture that’s bright and colorful. 

flowers 019greyscale

flowers 019paint

flowers 019rainbow

I think it’s important to create several different images that you can compare before heading off to the printer.  By doing this, it helped me realize that I actually preferred the black and white version of the photograph over the others.

So, why hide your beautiful photos in a photo album that collects dust?  Show them off!

Which photo of the four is your favorite?




Easy To Make Party Favors

If you’ve got the time, making your own party favors is the perfect way to deliver a bit of uniqueness at any party you are hosting.

flower party favors 011

When I needed to come up with a party favor idea for an 80th birthday party for my mother in-law, I searched the internet for ideas but nothing really stood out at me.  I ended up digging out my faithful Cricut and some card stock paper which saved the day. 

A favor shouldn’t just be pretty in my opinion, it should include a tasty treat as well.  So for this, I opened boxes of  delicious, 100% natural, Ovation chocolate covered candy sticks courtesy  of Sweet Works Candy

I covered each candy stick in a pretty green wrapping paper and used them for the stem of each flower I created.

flower party favors 017

Now, everyone will find a surprise in their favor.  The flavors of the Ovation candies that guests will get to sample include; Irish Cream, Orange, Cappuccino, Mint, and Dulce de Leche.

flower party favors 020

flower party favors 005

flower party favors 004

Do you like being creative and making your own party favors, or do you let someone else do the work for you?

Lemon Cherry Cupcakes, Pretty in Pink

better cupcakes 004

My horoscope this week, if you believe in such things, read the following.  “Many good things will soon happen to you.  Expect to experience elation in your professional life, which will be very gratifying.”  I think horoscopes are subjective.  But hey, if something is going to elate me I have a pretty good idea what it would be.  Seriously, there are a couple things that could happen this week that would definitely make me elated, but do I really think they will happen because my horoscope says so?  No…  Don’t call me a pessimist, just call me a realist.  I will keep you posted though.  If anything comes along that proves my horoscope true, I promise you’ll be the first to know. 

I got creative and made these pretty little cupcakes on the spur of the moment.  I love the way they turned out. (Elated, yes!)

Here’s my tricks.  Make your favorite yellow cake batter, either from a box, or scratch.  I made mine from scratch. Omit the vanilla extract if your recipe calls for it.  In it’s place, add the juice squeezed from 1/2 of a lemon, and 1 teaspoon of lemon zest. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar-free cherry flavored gelatin to the batter; mix well, and bake.  Once cooled, frost with vanilla icing colored with 2 drops of pink neon food coloring.

mini cupcakers 026