Getting into the Spirits

How do you convince a girl that loves her wine that she ought to give vodka, whiskey, and gin a chance?  Take her spirit tasting at Myer Farm Distillers on the west side of Cayuga Lake in Ovid, NY – that’s how!  

No, I’ve never been a “whiskey girl”.  But I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the Blueberry Orange Vodka, John Myer Rye Whiskey, and Myer Farm Gin that I recently got the chance to sample at this fairly new Finger Lakes distillery.

Tastings were 3 for $3.00.  A fair price for (what I dare say are) some of the finest spirits I’ve ever tasted.  Of the three spirits I sampled, the John Myer Rye Whiskey was my favorite – “pour me another!”

The most unique flavor of the tasting goes to Myer Farm Gin which I actually enjoyed because of the delicious unique herbal finish.  There has to be something healing about this gin! 

And lastly, I would never turn down a screwdriver mixed with Myer Farm Blueberry Orange Vodka for brunch, or any other time for that matter – delicious!

One more thing worth mentioning. This distillery uses certified organic grain from their own farm which happens to be one of the largest and oldest currently operating in the Northeast.

So, if you are in the Finger Lakes Region and want to get into the spirits, I would suggest adding Myer Farm Distillers to your “must stop” list. 


Finger Lakes Food Revolution 2012

If someone were to ask me to explain to them what makes the Finger Lakes food and beverage scene so unique, I’d have say it’s the fact that we are fortunate enough to have it all.

We are literally sitting in the midst of four specific wine trails – Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga, and Canandaigua Lake. There are dozens of craft or microbreweries scattered throughout the region, and yes, there is even a handful of spirit producing distilleries here as well.

blueberries 032

But don’t let me steer you into believing that the Finger Lakes is just about booze; it’s not.

We have a considerable number of local Finger Lakes dairies producing some of the most delicious farmstead cheeses you’ve ever tasted. We have access to pasture raised meats, farm fresh ingredients, u-pick farms, along with deliciously unique products produced right here in this region.

postcards apples and booze 032

Also on the food scene, there are community supported agriculture programs, local farmers markets to explore, along with and farm to table dining experiences at an array of local eateries.  Not to mention,  agriculture food festivals galore; maple, grapes, potato, garlic, tomato, sauerkraut – take your pick.

And it only gets better.  This year the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection which promotes tourism in Ontario County, is hosting the Finger Lakes Food Revolution, all part of the annual Slice, Dice and Spice IV.  This event gives locavores like myself, and tourists who love Finger Lakes, the opportunity to nominate, vote, and support our favorite Finger Lakes foods, beverages, restaurants, food events, and locally made ingredients.

Do you have a something you favor from the Finger Lakes? You are welcome to participate in this event too.  Just visit the Finger Lakes Food Revolution website and get in on the nomination process which is currently underway.  Nominations are expected to wrap up in early December – so don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun, and let your voice be heard!

Wine, and more wine… 1st stop, Eleven Lakes Winery

As it happens, my birthday is fast approaching, and when my husband asked me how I wanted to celebrate turning another year older, it didn’t take me long to spit out my answer.  Wine tasting!  This was no surprise to him, since he knows how much I appreciate our local wines, foods, and farms.  

One more thing,  I added.  Not on a busy weekend when there are so many people bellied up to the tasting bar that you can’t squeeze in, but on a weekday when you don’t have mass crowds to contend with. 

So, one day this last week, we set off on my birthday adventure.  The plan, hubby would be the designated driver, isn’t he sweet?  And I, the official taster. Plenty of sunshine, the glistening waters of Cayuga Lake, and colorful fall foliage welcomed us down this glorious wine trail.

Our first stop of the day, Eleven Lakes Winery situated on Route 89, in the small hamlet of Canoga, on the north west side of Cayuga Lake.  

Upon entering the tasting room we were greeted by Matt, who I learned during the visit is the owner of Eleven. Matt was working behind the bar and happily poured samples, answered questions, and gave me permission to take  pictures.  The wines I tasted follow. 

After a great tasting, it was time to shop.  My favorite –  Moonglorious.  “A party in a bottle and is best enjoyed with friends.”  Eleven Lakes Winery is a definite must stop.  I enjoyed their friendly atmosphere, and great wines!   A great start for a birthday celebration.

Click Eleven Lakes Winery to learn more.  They can also be found on Facebook.

Next stop?  Cobblestone Farm Winery & Vineyard