A Day of Adventure


Last week, my husband mentioned an antique farm equipment auction that he wouldn’t mind going to. The list did sound inviting.  There were a couple antique VW Bugs listed, an old Jeep, a gazillion old tractors, and a list that didn’t seem to have an end to it.  I am an antique/auction buff, but I wasn’t convinced that getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to drive a considerable distance sounded that inviting.  Nor, was I doing cartwheels at the thought of standing out in the cold for very long either.  We went to bed Friday night without making any definitive decision whether we were, or weren’t going to the auction. 

When I woke up Saturday morning the sun was shining bright,  and I felt like an adventure.   I’m a spur of the moment kind of girl.  Things seem so much more fun when you don’t plan every detail.  We hurried around, and were soon on our way.  The temperature, 25 degrees. 

When we got to the auction, vehicles were bumper to bumper on both sides of the highway, and on a side road that ran past the farm.  The crowd almost scared us away.

auction day 003

I decided to take a few pictures at the auction, while hubby watched some of the items sell.


auction day 008

auction day 016

The crowd, and the mud were unreal. 

auction day 031

auction day 027

Our bid number 630.  A sure sign that I wasn’t the only one who woke up with cabin fever.  We left the auction empty-handed.  A good thing I suppose.  We decided as long as we were out and about, we might as well make a day of it.  We took pictures of gigantic bison/or buffalo (how do you tell?) grazing in a field.  Man, have you ever see those things up close?  HUGE…

auction day 034

We went shopping at the dollar store.  Can you say big spender?  I’ll show you my purchase in another post I’m planning. We opted to eat lunch somewhere that we had never ate before, visited the Country Max  and Tractor Supply Store to see all the critters.  And, I found a new buggy I like too.

auction day 079


We accidentally came across The Patriot Flag flying in Seneca Falls.  A tribute to all those who perished in 9/11.  This was a truly incredible sight, especially when local firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and citizens crowded the parking lot to memorialize their fallen comrades on such a cold day.

auction day 053



auction day 069

The last thing we did on our way home?  Stop to take a picture of the some of the white deer at the old Seneca Army Depot.  I  have to wonder about this place.  Tall fences with barbed wire tops keep the people out, and the animals in.


auction day 087

You don’t have to go miles away from your home to find interesting things to see.  I hope you enjoyed the adventure, and I challenge everyone to  pick a day, and find things in your own area to enjoy and share.


Hello Baby!



Last year my husband and I bought six Peking ducks (chicks) at Tractor Supply Company.  This was a new adventure for the two of us.  Of the six, two didn’t make it because of birth defects, but we were fortunate to raise three healthy drakes, and a hen.  The ducks have been so much fun to watch, listen to, and have around.
This spring we decided to see if we could get some more babies from Momma.  So when the weather started to warm up we started leaving the eggs she layed in her house.  Eventually, she built a nest and stopped laying eggs when she figured  she had all she could handle.  Of the eight eggs she laid, she discarded four.  We figure she realized they weren’t developing.  So for 29 days now we have been watching to see the first sign of life. I knew something was up today when my husband was headed to the house with something small cupped in his hands.  Sure enough, it was Baby.  Still wet from his/her hatching. 
From what I’ve read the hens are good at hatching their eggs but their maternal instincts don’t go much beyond that.  I’m not sure I believe that but we didn’t want to risk something happening to Baby so my husband put him/her in with some baby chickens we are now raising that  are about a week old.  The baby chickens accepted Baby with no problems.
Tonight, Baby is strong, fuzzy, eating & drinking and making lots of noise!   I took this picture this evening, Baby is less than a full day old.