Vintage Camper Remodel

1972 Frolic Travel Trailer - Before

A blogger friend of mine suggested that I dedicate a page on my blog to the restoration of our 1972 Frolic travel trailer which I have named the Pink Paradise.  This camper was a diamond in the rough, and became a DIY project that consumed more time, money, and elbow grease then I initially intended to put into it.  But now, I couldn’t feel happier with the end result.

I finally took my friends advise and I’m sharing every post (by link) that I’ve published about the Frolic’s transformation here.

I have enjoyed using the Pink Paradise as a retreat.  It’s a place to enjoy a glass of wine, share a cozy dinner with my hubby, write, snooze, or sip a cup of coffee and listen to the peaceful sounds of the night here in the rural countryside.

Eventually I will sell the Pink Paradise and go BIGGER with a new project – both in design and space.

If you love vintage things, yearn to go glamping (or already do),  or are a do-it-yourselfer then I think you might enjoy reading the story of the Pink Paradise.


Happy reading!

My Vintage Travel Trailer; The Beginning

Pink Paradise – Update #1

Pink Paradise – Update #2

Vintage Camper – Pink Paradise – Update #3

Demolition! Vintage Camper Update

Vintage Camper Re-Plumbing – Not A Job For The Faint Hearted

We’ve Finally Made Friends

A New Look For The Joy of Caking and A Frolic Update

Frolic Travel Trailer – Pink Paradise – Update – 2013

Tips For Buying A Vintage Camper That Needs Renovating, And The Chandelier!

Vintage Camper Bathroom Remodeling Challenges

The 72 Camper Bathroom Remodel is Nearing Completion!

Baby’s Got A New Pair Of Shoes

Camping Without The C, Just Add a G

My First Night of Glamping

Before and After – 1972 Frolic Camper Remodel – Bathroom Door

Share Your Vintage Camper Story



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