We’re Still Raising Chicks

baby chicky 012

Yes, we are still raising baby chicks.  And this one is right at home resting in the grass and clover. 

baby chicky 015

We have been battling a variety of  predators this year and it seems like there is always something lurking around and outwitting us.  We suspect the latest predator is a mink or weasel.  Sneaky and cleaver best describe it.

I think we’ll name her Clover.


Meet Dinky

Those of you who follow my blog regularly know that hubby and I raise backyard chickens.  And every now and then I’ll throw a chicken post into the mix; this happens to be one of them.  I  couldn’t resist sharing one of our newest additions with you.  We hatched this little chick in a incubator.

A runt (and Silkie breed) for sure, this little chicken has been dubbed Dinky.  It is one of the friendliest and most photogenic baby chicks we have raised yet. 

d&p 005

d&p 017d&p 012