Table for Two in The Pink Paradise

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Pink Paradise this year – as usual.  And while she hasn’t actually seen the pavement yet, she has come in quite handy.  I love to spend time in her reading, napping, and hosting cozy dinner’s.  This table for two is my idea of a perfect picnic.  No bugs, a nice summer breeze coming in through the window, keeping undercover in case of rain, and of course electric if we need it.

Sometimes I wonder if I should sell her and move on to my next project, while other times I think that is an insanely crazy idea.  Especially after enjoying a nice dinner and playing cards in her like we did tonight.  If I do decide to rehab another camper I’ve already made up my mind that I’ll pick a completely different theme, different colors, and select one that has a little more lounging around space.  

If you were going to restore a camper what would you want it to look like?


9 thoughts on “Table for Two in The Pink Paradise

  1. I am lucky enough to have 2 vintage trailers. I’m a gypsy, a wanderer, an artist, and an organic vegetable farmer. I live in my trailers at the farm during the garden growing season. I hook up my little “Gypsy Rose” a small 1960, twelve foot trailer and travel the country attending Plein Air Painting Art Festivals. Stop in for a peek of my vintage trailers @

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  3. Mine would be a red theme with black and white checks and strawberries. I love your idea of a lounge-around space. 🙂 It would be sooooo much fun to make this dream come true!


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