Tin Can Tourist’s Return to the Finger Lakes Region

Last September I was elated to go to my first Tin Can Tourist Rally to ogle over the most vintage campers that I’ve ever seen in one place at one time.  And as you might imagine, I didn’t miss my chance to ogle this year either. 

This weekend Sampson State Park in Seneca County is playing host to yet another Tin Can Tourist Rally.   Today was the open house where the proud owners of these campers opened their doors and shared glimpses of them with the public.  If you have a interest in anything vintage, enjoy camping, or love the Finger Lakes Region Region, I can almost guarantee that you would enjoy this event.

Here are some of the great campers and vehicles that caught my eye at the open house.  Check out my pictures and tell which one catches your eye the most.

Thank you TCT for opening your doors to those of us that admire your wheels.  Happy Camping! 


5 thoughts on “Tin Can Tourist’s Return to the Finger Lakes Region

    1. Sandra, As a matter of fact, we did some electrical work in the PP today. I can’t wait to share pics of the new bathroom door(s) soon too. And I finally bought the exterior paint – it’s the final countdown – lol!

  1. So enjoyed meeting you and having a chance to visit awhile at our Open House. Glad you enjoyed the TCT Open House. You should really consider joining. Even if you don’t attend a rally it is a great group of really nice folks that we have found to be so helpful with answer questions we have had during our restoration process. I can’t wait to get to the Glamping part. Looking forward to
    seeing your pic of the rehab process that got you to the Glamping stage.

    1. Kate, It was great meeting you too. I love it when I find someone else who is as passionate about these old relics as I am. We did some wiring in the Pink Paradise today – talk about tight spaces. What was that word your hubby came up with again – lol! Stay in touch!


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