One Rise Honey Rye Skillet Rolls

A while ago I favorited a recipe from the blog Kolpona Cuisine for Cast Iron Skillet Quick Rise Rolls.   The rolls looked super moist, buttery and only required one rise.  So today, on a day that felt like one of the most humid days of this year, I found myself in the kitchen making these.

Tahmina’s recipe called for the rolls to be baked in a cast iron skillet which I loved the thought of since I love rustic.  *Note – I wouldn’t be afraid to make them in a glass baking dish if that’s all you have on hand.  Because I was a little short on all-purpose white flour I opted to use both rye flour and all-purpose flour.  I could imagine how the rye flour and the honey (that the recipe calls for) would compliment each other, and I was right.  

If you like rolls that are heavier, super moist, chewy, and only requires a 20 minute rise, then this is the recipe for you. 

I did not use a mixer to make my rolls.  I mixed the dough the old-fashioned way; by hand.  Because of this, I kneaded the dough slightly before rolling into balls. .

These are belly filling, stick to your ribs kind of rolls.  I found them perfect for sopping up the left over barbecue sauce left on my plate from my hubbies famous pork ribs.

13 thoughts on “One Rise Honey Rye Skillet Rolls

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  2. What really impresses me is that you could “imagine” how the rye flour and honey would compliment each other — that is way outside my skill set! These look absolutely yummy, and I would love one right now slathered in butter.

    1. It’s been about that long since I’ve used mine – lol! I use to make potatoes in it but somewhere along the line I lost track of it. When I found this recipe I went on a scavenger hunt to find it 🙂 I’m not putting it away either!

  3. Hmmmm……YUM! I love the idea of making them in a cast iron skillet, so good! They would be perfect for this traveling girl, perfect snack:-) They look so delicious, Hugs, Terra


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