1972 Frolic Camper Restoration Project

I’ve been tracking down (affordable) paint for the exterior of the Pink Paradise and as soon as she’s painted I’ll be sure to share her new coat with you.  I’m pretty certain that this will be the last post you will see about her interior restoration.  It’s been a long haul; and she took more time, money, and determination than I originally expected to put forth to finish her up, but I’m so happy with the “new” her.

I couldn’t resist sharing a few before and after pictures of her with you before I close out this chapter of the Pink Paradise.

Tell me, from the pictures below do you like her made into a kitchen or a bedroom better?

As I’ve mentioned before, the bathroom was the biggest challenge since it required a complete tear out, new plumbing and electric, and a remodel.

And what do you think of her new bathroom?  The cedar was hubby’s idea and I absolutely love it.  Smells great and looks so cute!  I’m still looking for the perfect mirror to put in the bathroom. Any ideas?

Thanks for all of your interest in the transformation of the Pink Paradise.  She is a celebrity in her own right.

I’m thinking of turning my love for these old campers into a small business.  If you’re in the market for your very own glamper then please contact me and let’s talk!


20 thoughts on “1972 Frolic Camper Restoration Project

  1. hello. i just bought a 72 13ft frolic. i thought i was gettin g a good deal, but after i got to looking into her, well- lets just say she was rebuilt without skill. i am now having to redo her, knowing nothing about it. did u find an owners manual?? or anything that ccan help me put her right?!?!? i love what u have done. i cant wait to get mine finished sew i can take her camping. marcella

    1. Thanks Marcella. I haven’t had any luck locating a owner’s manual for the Frolic. What I’ve found working on this camper is that sometimes you just have to be innovative. Plumbing and electrical issues will be your biggest challenge. From there use your creativity 🙂

      1. Thanks for the link! Just checked out your blog. Love that you’re sharing on there. We are in the process of doing a few more improvements on the Pink Paradise right now.

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  3. She is adorable! If you can find an old fancy frame, you could use that for over your sink in the bath. You know those old ornate ones…some even came in the plastic.

    Great job, thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I love the little light near the sink you put in. I hope you post more pix. I hope you get into the business. I have a Triple E Surside trailer I want to do over but although I’m good with ideas, not so good with implementing them. Where are you located? You just might have a customer in future. As for the mirror, you will know it when you see it. Love those thrift shops, garage sales. My camper theme is palm trees and cheetahs!!! It’s got the same walls as a Boler, that annoying sticky wallpaper stuff, which is a real challenge. Not easy to paint or cover. Any more info you can provide on what you have done is well appreciated. GOOD WORK! It’s adorable!

    1. Brenda,

      Those little Surfside’s are adorable. Palm trees and cheetahs sounds like a wild tropical get away to me – love it! I live in the Finger Lakes Region of NYS (Watkins Glen, Ithaca, Geneva). Where are you from? I have been thinking that you are right about the mirror. One of these days I’m going to stumble upon the perfect one while I’m scouting a yard sale or thrift store (which I love – by the way!). I’d love to see a picture or two of your camper. If I can help in any way let me know! Thanks for following the story of the Pink Paradise 🙂

  5. Oh I just love the Pink Paradise, Eileen! I wish I had one….what a great little retreat it must be….even if I kept it parked and never went anywhere! I love the kitchen both ways. It looks really cute as a kitchen, but I can just picture myself snuggled up in bed with a sweet treat and a good book! Congratulations….I know how hard you worked on her! Let me know what kind of mirror you are looking for ….for the bathroom….and I’ll keep my eye out!

  6. Comfy and classy she is!! You have done such a great job with the renovation. Making a business of this would be a great way to share your passion and your talent.

  7. Oh, my goodness!!! Everything looks so good! That chandelier makes me just swoon. And, the bathroom is AMAZING. I can’t believe how much better it looks! I am beyond jealous! Can’t wait to see her further adventures!!

  8. I just love all the fixes you and hubby made. What a wonderful and fun place it is now. So bright and cheery. Love the cedar bathroom. Don’t know what kind of mirror since the wall is slanted, I guess putting a wedge on the bottom of the mirror would work. I’m sure you can figure it out since you have done so many great things already.

  9. I like her both ways… Kitchen and bedroom. Too hard to choose! There’s something about that percolator on the stove that makes me swoon…it is just perfect. She is a real beauty!


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