My First Night of Glamping!

Ready or not – glamping here I come!

Just so you know, I’m writing this post from the Pink Paradise!

With today being the last day of July, I was slightly discouraged because the camper remodel isn’t completely done.  Of course there are a number of legitimate reasons for this.  The extreme heat this summer has slowed us down, family emergencies, illness, broken down vehicles, and lack of money are just a few of the things that have kept us from finishing her up.  Hey, it happens.

And then I had an epiphany… Why does she have to be completely finished to enjoy her?

With that thought bouncing around in my head I quickly tracked down some bedding that would fit the camper bed.  I then asked hubby for a few minutes of his time so we could convert the dining table into the bed; he graciously obliged.  As he disappeared to work on another project that was calling his name, I lit my new Yankee Camping Out candle, poured a glass of wine, cranked the tunes, and hopped up on the bed with my computer to write.  Yep, it’s just me and PInky.

Between the smell of the fresh linens and fresh air I am in heaven. The temperature inside is perfect, the dimmed lights in the camper project a warm and cozy feeling, and looking outside all I see is darkness.

I  remind myself that one of these days soon we will finish this project.

In the meantime, I will sit back, relax, and enjoy using her just the way she is.

I only wish that all of you could be here glamping with me.  What fun we’d have!



15 thoughts on “My First Night of Glamping!

  1. I have been sneaking in to peek at your progress with the Pink Paradise every now and then. I enjoy your recipies and I get so excited when I see a Pinky update. She is a cutie and I love, love that bedspread. I (we really, my husband and I) have a 1973 Rancho El Rae, her name is Pebbles. She’s not perfect but I adore her and can’t wait for our first trip in two weeks. Cheers to you and your helpful (and probably very patient) hubby!

  2. I love it! I told Chad if we ever get Clyde closed in, I’m sleeping in the floor on a sleeping bag. LOL! She’s looking so, so good! And, any time you feel like you are slow on fixing up Pink Paradise, just look at how long we’ve had Clyde. You are flyin’!!! 🙂

    1. Emily, Every time I see you write a post I get so excited. I know it seems like 2 steps forward and 4 steps back but we will finish these up. I didn’t realize when I started this project that it would be such a big one. You see a little space and you think – that will be so easy to cutsie – and then reality hits – lol. But with that said, I would do it all over again.

  3. Just wanted you to know that your blog inspired us to just go for it with our vintage camper. We worked on her today and look forward to getting her to the point where we can go Glamping, even if it is just in our back yard for now. Love reading your updates. Check out our ‘girl’ on my blog.

  4. Sometimes ya just gotta get away. The call of the trail can be heard right from your driveway or backyard. Some of my fondest memories of childhood was from glamping out in my parent’s backyard in their little trailer. Secrets all three of us are sworn to uphold the rest of our lives. To “get away” is what glamping and camping is all about. To “check out” from our regular, hectic or boring, lives. Congratulations on joining your new family. Even more adventure waits, just around the bend.

  5. Oh Eileen….I am PINK with envy! What a great job you’ve done on the Pink Paradise! Honestly, I wish I had such a special and creative place to retreat to….even if it were just parked on my street! I LOVE it! I love the bedspread, too! But I think the closest I will ever come is purchasing a Yankee Camping Out candle! Great job and keep the pictures coming! : )


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