Hot and muggy summer days require a trip to one of my favorite state parks on Seneca Lake.

The park was surprisingly quiet on this particular evening, and the sunset was beautiful.

The seagulls even congregated to watch the sun drop after an extremely hot day.

Just like the lyrics in the Zac Brown Band country song – “toes in the water”

The sailboats begged for admiration.

Lodi Point State Park

The hot hazy day made the lake mysteriously alluring.

The sun finally decided to rest after a long day of working overtime.

What do you do to cool down after a hot summer day?  Do you have a favorite state park you like to go to?


15 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Oh such lovely photos, Eileen! I have to branch out and start photographing more things than just food! Funny, but there is a park near me called Seneca State Park. I don’t go there much, not sure why. When I come home feeling hot and tired, I tend to stay in with a cocktail underneath a ceiling fan! Though I think a walk out in beautiful nature would be better for my brain! : )

  2. Gorgeous photographs. Thank you for sharing…and thank you for your kind words on my blog! I’m glad to be back to visit my favorites 🙂

  3. What a beautiful lake! Your pictures make me nostalgic for my cabin on the lake. I haven’t been up there in 2 years, but I have a chance to go in about a month. I’m so looking forward to swimming, bonfires, cold beer, and good friends.

  4. I can’t imagine a more perfect summer evening. How nice to live so close to natural beauty. I can’t say that I have a favorite state park to go to…but I do love to go to the Jersey shore. Since it’s supposed to be 97 degrees on Thursday, we’re gonna do what all Jersey people do — go “down the shore!”


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