It’s That Time Again

I’m going to make it my job to get you stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile.  Even it it’s just virtually.

I actually started out taking pictures of my Frozen Vanilla Peach Yogurt when I got side tracked and became enthralled with this little milk bottle containing wildflowers that I had just picked.

Stop, smell, breath, relax, enjoy, refresh, carry on! 



9 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

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  2. Thank you! It’s good to slow down and notice the beauty in the simple things around us. And what is it about flowers in milk bottles that looks so appealing? They are made for each other!

  3. We so agree! Stop, smell, breath, relax, enjoy, refresh, carry on! xoxo Sharon and Denise

    Thanks for linking up to BeBetsy Brag About It – and we love the pictures.


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