Frolic Travel Trailer -Pink Paradise Update – 2013

At last, I’ve made my way back to the Pink Paradise!

If you’re new to my blog,  you might be wondering what the Pink Paradise is.  The Pink Paradise is a 1972 Frolic Travel Trailer that I decided to rehab early last summer.  When this little travel trailer is finished, it will be all that I expected, and then some.  The best part is knowing that I salvaged a camper that might have otherwise ended up in the scrap yard.

When I buttoned the camper up last Fall it was plagued with a nasty leak in the bathroom.  My husband and I have tracked the leak and we hope we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.  Now, it’s time to proceed with the bathroom rehab, finish a few things on the punch list that still need to be done inside, and then outside here we come!

I am so excited to finish her up and go glamping.  Today, I hung curtains (that I made) and started the decorating process.  I’m also sharing a picture of the bench seat that hubby built.  The bench hides the ugly wheel well and still allows for some practical storage and more seating.  My father in-law is going to make a cushion for the bench seat that will match the booth cushions.

There is a lot more in-store for the Pink Paradise.  So,  subscribe to my blog, or follow me on Pinterest or Twitter to stay updated.

If you want to read more about the transformation of the Pink Paradise CLICK HERE

What color would you paint the inside of a camper that you were going to rehab?  If you’re re-doing a camper then we’d love to see your handy work too – be sure to leave a link to your latest post in the comments section on this post. 


15 thoughts on “Frolic Travel Trailer -Pink Paradise Update – 2013

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  4. She’s really coming along, Eileen! I think my dream trailer would involve shades of teal, red & white. Something about that combo makes me furiously happy. Can’t wait to see more updates!

  5. You’ve done a super renovation job. I would LOVE to remodel one of these old travel trailers 🙂 My color choice would be red and the kitchen would, of course, include some of my strawberry collection and black & white checks.

    1. Thanks Barb! I love the color red too. And strawberries and black and white would look awesome in one of these vintage campers. You know, you don’t live too far from Fletcher’s Trailer Sales – lol!

      1. Fletcher’s is just a mile down the road from my house. 🙂 If I could just quit my job, I’d have the time do this and soooo many other fun things! Never hurts to dream!


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