Join Me in My Write a Letter Campaign

What is it that you find in your mailbox these days?  Junk mail?  Bills? Local advertising publications? And more junk mail? 

When is the last time you actually received an honest to goodness letter from a close friend or relative? 

It’s sad to say, but letter writing is nearly extinct these days.  I suppose it’s understandable with text messages, instant messaging, and email at nearly everyone’s fingertips. 

The reason that we  resort to our tablets, computers, and phones to communicate?  Time and convenience.

But honestly, I miss getting notes or letters in the mail (the old-fashioned way).  I miss the personal touch a handwritten letter conveys, and  I miss buying pretty stationery and notecards to  send my letters and notes on.

Can you think of someone you’ve lost touch with, or someone that you know would really appreciate a heartfelt note or letter from you?  If so, consider this post an opportunity to get in on my write a letter campaign.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or  time consuming;  just a quick note on a pretty notecard will suffice.

I happened to have these plain cards and pretty little paper flower kits (that I bought on clearance at  Michaels last fall) sitting around my craft room.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them until I decided that I was going to write my favorite aunt a letter.  I want my letter to be as pretty as it will be personal.

Do you still write letters and notes and send them by mail?  If you decide to join my write a letter campaign, who will you send yours to?

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10 thoughts on “Join Me in My Write a Letter Campaign

  1. I love getting letters in the mail, its a great feeling! I do a lot of scrapbooking and after reading this post it has inspired me to send a handmade letter. I will be sending one to my Pip. I think it will be a wonderful gesture and I hope it will brighten his day.

  2. I have noticed that my handwriting is not what it used to be. It would be so cool to receive a letter via snail mail. I have letters that my sons wrote when they first went into the army and I treasure them.

  3. Love this so much! We will get it posted shortly. Thank you for always inspiring us to do better! Hugs. I have a Mother’s Day letter I sent out to all the women in my family after our mother died. It’s the little things that make a difference. Hugs!

  4. I do miss getting letters in the mail. I think that is why I still write Christmas cards and love getting the old fashioned card rather than the photo card that has no personal note. I will have to write a letter to m grandmother-in-law. She is fairly isolated and loves getting mail.


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