Through Thick and Thin

Last month at the vintage camper rally we met a very nice lady who was sharing a plate of her homemade molasses cookies. These were one of the best molasses cookies I’ve ever had.  And without hesitation I asked her if she’d  share her recipe.  Lucky for me she did!

I made a batch of cookies using her recipe and this is how they turned out. Thick and soft, more cake like, and mildly molasses flavored – delish.

molasses 001

molasses 045

My cookie recipe (cookies pictured below) is considerably different than hers.   Mine are  semi-soft, chewy, and have a slightly stronger molasses flavor – delish.

There are a couple obvious differences between her recipe and mine.  One is the amount of flour used.  My recipe calls for two cups of flour and hers calls for seven cups.  Her recipe required refrigerating the dough, and mine does not.  I generally get about 2.5 dozen cookies from my batch.  Her recipe yielded dozens of cookies.  So many, that I stopped counting.  Might I add, that my freezer is happily full of cookies now.

molasses cookies 031

How’s a girl to choose between the two great recipes like these? Both cookies have great qualities.  I doubt I could pass up either cookie in an independent taste test…  I can tell there is going to be trouble on the horizon when it’s time to make molasses cookies in this house again.


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