Strawberry Freezer Jam 2012

jam icecream muffins 025

This is my favorite time of the year.  Fresh fruits make their way onto our table and into our freezer for those long winter months ahead. 

Making strawberry freezer jam has been a seasonal tradition in our family since I was a small girl. 

If you didn’t catch my recipe for it last season than get it here now!

jam icecream muffins 027

Do you make your own jams and jellies?  What is your all-time favorite flavor?

13 thoughts on “Strawberry Freezer Jam 2012

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  2. I have made raspberry jam before – it is my favourite. It is easy to grow your own raspberries because the plants just multiply themselves and spread like mad. So you get a huge crop and it makes the most gorgeous jam!

    1. I made peach jam a couple years ago when a friend gave me a load of peaches. They were the best peaches I’ve ever tasted. I’m hoping he will have some to share this season. When I was a little girl all I would eat was homemade jam too!

  3. We love making jam. A few of our favorites are blueberry and apricot. We just did a big batch of raspberry.

      1. Some people don’t like the seeds, but we don’t mind them. The raspberry is sweet and tangy!

  4. I love Strawberry Freezer Jam…time to make some! One of my favorite jellies…homemade…is pepper jelly. Have you ever tried it? It is a great appetizer…with cream cheese and crackers. But…this time of year…gotta have that Strawberry Jam! Your photo is so pretty…yep….gotta make some!

    1. Victoria, I do make and LOVE pepper jelly. I had a good friend who turned her nose up at it but after one bite she was absolutely hooked. She made a huge batch last year – lol! Thanks for stopping by:)

      1. That is so awesome! I’m laughing…have had the same experience with the ‘nose turner uppers’…only to turn them into forever fans that request a new batch for Christmas every year! I really have to get busy with that Strawberry Jam now! I’ll be back to see what’s cookin’!


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