Happy 4th of July

I was up late last night making Jell-O Firecracker Shots to share on this great day of independence.  And as my luck would have it, mine turned out as if someone had already detonated them!  How the heck can you screw up Jell-O you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  You hastily read the directions to a recipe that you should have printed off the computer but didn’t.

So, I missed the part about boiling the water.  Who would have thought?  Especially since that’s what you typically do when you make Jell-O. 

And you thought it was just you – right? 

Regardless,  Vanessa and  Heather from the blog, At The Picket Fence, did a great job making and photographing their firecrackers

If you get a minute to hop over there and take a look you will see how darned adorable their firecrackers are.  And you will  see why I was   disappointed to find mine didn’t set properly.

Have no fear.  I will try again.  Happy 4th!

july 011


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