The Curse of the Thin Cookies (Chocolate Chip)

My husband’s favorite cookie is chocolate chip.  He likes them thin, chewy, and loaded with chips; just like this batch turned out.  And I suppose it’s lucky for him that I can’t make a thick, chewy, cookies anymore.

ccc 014

I have no explanation for this, but for some unknown reason my  cookies (even my tried and true recipes) will not turn out the way I like them.   What’s up with my thin cookies? 

For this batch of cookies I followed The Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies – Michelle is an awesome baker.  Her cookies look exactly how I’d like mine to turn out (for my taste), but as you can see they didn’t.  I did not roll my cookies into a ball as her recipes calls for because the batter seemed too sticky to allow that.  Instead, I dropped them onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet with a dining sized teaspoon.

Could rolling these cookies into a ball really make such a difference? 

I’ve thought this over, and I’ve come to a couple conclusions.  The first, is that my baking soda is not working like it should; the second, is that I’ve stopped using my Pampered Chef stoneware for baking cookies and started using a metal cookie sheets.  Could either of those things be the answer?

I guess I’ve got some more experimenting to do. 

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

ccc 009


8 thoughts on “The Curse of the Thin Cookies (Chocolate Chip)

  1. It’s possible that you and the other baker measure the flour differently. There’s the dip the cup into the flour and tap the cup on something method and then there’s the fluff the flour and spoon it into the cup method. According to the “real bakers” that fluff method is the correct one. The dip and tap one will add more flour to a recipe. Try the other way and see if that changes the cookies.

  2. These look perfect – but if you want thick and chewy my friend, the best technique is to refrigerate the dough for 20-30 minutes (covered) and then use an ice cream scoop to place into balls on the silicon mat – bake as normal but they won’t spread as much 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I like Sandra’s suggestion!

    Try Alton Brown’s cookie recipes and, better yet, watch whole “Good Eats” cookie show which explained the science behind exactly the phenomenon you are describing. It’s on youtube.


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