Postcards from the Finger Lakes

I’ve been playing catch up for the last couple of weeks.  You know how it is; you put everything on the back burner because you don’t feel like dealing with it right that second.  And then each second turns into minutes, hours, days, and weeks. 

I finally took control and managed to get some things on my to do list  accomplished.  One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for some time is get some of my photo’s printed. 

I went on-line to  Wal-Mart Photo  to save time and money.  I  uploaded and ordered my prints directly from there.

Do you remember the days when you had to have your film developed?  Boy, have we come a long way!

As I was looking at all the photo projects Wal-Mart offers I decided to turn a couple of my pictures into postcards.  

This project was easy and fairly inexpensive, and I was especially pleased with the quality of the cards when they arrived.  Imagine the possibilities…

postcards1 to use

postcards apples and booze 001

Do you have a favorite on-line photo site that you order your photo’s from?  I’d love to hear about it. 



4 thoughts on “Postcards from the Finger Lakes

  1. So, so lovely! I really like the idea of turning my photos into postcards. I’ll have to give that a try 🙂 I’ve also been thinking lately about how photography has changed. My favorite thing is being able to see how a picture turned out immediately, instead of just crossing your fingers and waiting for the prints to come back!

    1. LaChelle, You take beautiful pictures so I can only imagine how they would look in the form of a postcard. I know exactly what you me about the crossing your fingers and waiting – thank goodness we don’t have to do that anymore!


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