A historic event, a statue, and photo’s

seneca falls 012

Left -Susan B. Anthony, Center – Amelia Bloomer, Right – Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The Seneca Falls Convention, also known as the First Women’s Rights Convention, was held nearly 164 years ago (1848) in Seneca Falls, NY.   It was then that five, strong-willed women, mustered the courage to solicit public interest and pursue reform in the civil and social injustices.

On a recent trip through Seneca Falls, I spotted this remarkable statue and stopped for a photo session with these three important  ladies from the past. 

This bronze statue depicts the initial introduction of the Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Amelia Jenks Bloomer which took place in Seneca Falls in 1851. 

All three women were pioneers in their own rights, assuming roles of some of America’s very first feminists.  On their agenda’s; anti-slavery,  women’s suffrage,  and the temperance movement

seneca falls 009

seneca falls 011

After taking the photo’s I couldn’t help but notice the images of the women appeared shadowed.  The shadows could have been caused by the direction of the sun, the time of day, or the women’s hats.  Or maybe, it is an accurate depiction of the first meeting between some very strong women that turned out to be forces to be reckoned with.

To learn more about The National Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, visit the National Park Service.

Thank you Seneca Daily News for posting my story!

5 thoughts on “A historic event, a statue, and photo’s

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  2. How inspiring to remember people who worked hard and persevered for what they believe in. No mentors or books of encouragement…they just set out to get things accomplished. I admire them for that. Thank you for sharing this!


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