12 days till – homemade vanilla extract

As an avid baker there is one thing that I don’t ever want to be without; pure vanilla extract. 

My love for the real stuff developed years ago when my sister took a trip to Mexico and returned home with a huge bottle of it for me.   She couldn’t have picked out a better gift.  I cherished every single drop of it until it was gone.  Since then I’ve been hooked like the true vanilla junkie I am.

Now, imagine how happy I was when one of my favorite blogs, Mike and Molly’s House, recently shared their recipe for homemade vanilla extract.

vanilla 034b

Mike and Molly made homemade vanilla to give away as Christmas gifts and I’ve got to say I love the idea.

I don’t want to spill the (vanilla) beans and tell you all the details, I‘d rather you hop on over to their blog and read all about it yourselves.  Not only will you find their recipe and see their great photo’s, you will also find a breakdown of how much it cost them to make, and a link where you can download the cutest little labels for your homemade goodies. 

I  won this bottle of their vanilla during the giveaway they hosted at the time they wrote their post.  I am so grateful for having won and I will play it forward by sharing some great recipes using their homemade vanilla with you. 

vanilla 020b

I can’t wait until I can crack this bottle open! 12 days and counting…

vanilla 024b

Just curious, do you like the black and white photo, or the colored photo’s best?  I’m experimenting and would love your input!

13 thoughts on “12 days till – homemade vanilla extract

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  2. Thanks for sharing this post! I will have to check out the recipe! As for the photos, both are great but the black & white one gives it sort of an old school charm. Which is great since you are talking about something that is homemade.

  3. Gosh…I like them both, but I think I’m drawn more to the color. I can’t wait to see all the yummy vanilla recipes that this jar inspires! Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry I was absent last week…I’ve been traveling back and forth from Houston. I hope you have a fantastic start to your week. I’m about to get baking again!

  4. I love both. I like the color because of what it is – vanilla – and it’s nice to see the rich brown color.

    However, I think black and white allows so much more interpretation.

    I’m making vanilla extract and I have 15 more days before I bottle it up. I can’t wait. I shake the big jar and I open it and take a whiff. Intoxicating!

  5. I’m torn between the two photos. There is an air of mystery around the black and white however. I am also hooked on the real stuff, its worth the cost. Looking forward to your recipes.


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