I’d like to accomplish…

What’s in store for the new year?  The other day I sat down and thought about what it is that I’d like to accomplish in 2012.  My list didn’t spill off the front page and onto the back of the paper I was writing on at the time,  but the paper felt a lot heavier when I was done. 

Actually, most of what I’d like to accomplish this year appears to be a continuation from works in progress from last year.  Some things on my list are simple things like projects that need to be completed around the house, others are a little more involved.  Here are just a few of the things that made this years list.

#1 – Finish my cookbook.  I started writing a cookbook in 2011.  It’s one that I plan to self-publish.  And it’s finally nearing completion! As I’ve found, writing a cookbook can be quite time consuming.  I created my own cover, took my own photos, wrote and edited the book myself, and now I’m researching the publishing process.  My next hurdle?  Getting it printed at a reasonable price. Have you ever edited your own work before?  It’s a daunting task.  Just when you think you’ve dotted every I and crossed every T you find one that you didn’t.

#2 – Capture the attention of our New York State politicians.  I would like to see transparency in the medical billing for uninsured, self-pay patients in New York State..  Currently, the uninsured are at the mercy of each provider.  Medical fees are unregulated, uncapped, and unavailable for review in advance.  Fees for the an identical service can vary significantly from one patient to the next. I feel legislation concerning this issue is necessary.  My letters have been sent and I’m waiting for replies.  Does the state or country you live in have similar legislation?

#3 – Blog more often.  My posts can be quite infrequent.  I’d like to start blogging more and build my readership.   The tricky part of this?  Finding the time, and enough interesting things to blog about.  Any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of this year?  

# 4 –  (Promise you won’t laugh?) Learn how to take better pictures of a layer cake.  This means making more layer cakes doesn’t it? This is one of those things as a food blogger I find considerably difficult.  Does anyone have any tips that would make this task easier?   Is it a matter of having the right lens, or is it an acquired skill from lots of practice?

My conclusion after reviewing my list of things to accomplish in 2012?  Every item on my list is quite achievable.  I’m going to sign off now so I can finish that darned cookbook! 

What’s on your list of things to accomplish in 2012?

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Sunset -January 06, 2012

5 thoughts on “I’d like to accomplish…

  1. I remember seeing on the news all the furore that ‘Obamacare’ caused. We’ve had the NHS here for about 60 years so most of us didn’t really get what all the fuss was about and why people thought it was such an awful idea. It makes perfect sense for everyone to be provided with high-quality healthcare by the state.

    Having said that, I’m sure our system would seem just as strange to people who haven’t grown up with it!

    That may be a bit too political for a baking blog! 😉

  2. We do not have a National Health Service here (you’re correct) in the US. Although there has been legislation passed to ensure every American has affordable health care in the future it is being challenged. You are very fortunate. Wow, the Olympics is definitley a great thing to look forward to in 2012! Have a year!

  3. Re. medical insurance.

    I’m British and we don’t have it here ( not in the same way you do – I’m assuming you’re American, correct me if I’m wrong.)

    I don’t pretend to be an expert and some of this may be wrong, but as I understand it in this country what are essentially two forms of income tax. Normal income tax and National Insurance. NI pays for two things mainly. These are the state pension (as long as you pay NI for 30 years you get a state pension when you retire – probably not enough to support you completely unless you live an extremely frugal life but it all helps).

    The second thing it pays for is the National Health Service. We do have private healthcare available here but it’s only for people who can afford it. The NHS employs the vast majority of doctors and nurses and many dentists (a lot of people have to go to private dentists because NHS dentists are oversubscribed.)

    Because we have the NHS, I don’t have to pay if I need to go to my doctor for a check-up, I don’t pay if I have an accident and need to go to hospital. There are some treatments which you do have to pay for, but they’re the exception, I believe). If I need a prescription the cost is only about £8. For a dental check up it’s about £18.

    In 2012 I’m going to attend the Olympics, which is on my bucket list. I may also try to learn to scuba dive.


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