Thanksgiving Day Table Decorations

A recent trip through Michaels inspired me to create some cute cards that will sit on guests plates on Thanksgiving day until those plates become loaded with roast turkey and all the fixings.

project 021

This project is quick, easy, inexpensive, kid friendly and will add color to your holiday table.  I had all of the materials on hand with the exception of the cute little felt turkeys – which I purchased in a pack of 7 for $3.24 at Michaels. 

To make this project you will need: an ink pad, stamp, brightly colored card stock, glue stick, brown marker, and ribbon.

First, cut the card stock into the size you want your card remembering you will fold it in half.  Next, affix your turkey on the card (these turkeys had an adhesive backing) and then draw his perch.  Stamp your greeting on the remaining space, and finish it off by gluing small bow made out ribbon on the front of the turkey.

You can also monogram each card with the initial of your guests,  you can leave a personal message inside for your guests to read, or you can leave it blank and let everyone write what they are thankful for on the inside.

project 009


Do you prefer to decorate your table with flowers, candles, something else, or just good old-fashioned food?


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Table Decorations

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  2. CUTE! I love Michaels and I hate it all at once. [sigh] These turkeys are so cute and are perfect for cute-ing up a Thanksgiving table! I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing this!

  3. I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment not sure if the one I entered from my phone went through. And even if it is you deserve to hear multiple times what a great idea this is for your holiday table. I like to use a bit of everything on my tables these days and it’s so much fun. Have a great holiday.


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