Projects and Re-Purpose

I go through stages where I don’t spend so much of my time in the kitchen.  That’s probably a good thing for my waist line – because God only knows it can use all the help it can get these days. But when I’m not baking I’m not usually resting either.  I can almost always find something to keep me busy.  Last week, I worked on sprucing up an old bench that had tons of potential.  Follow along….

fall and projects 002

This little bench has sat waiting for my attention for way too long.  It’s been screaming for my undivided attention.  I’ve neglected it for baking, blogging, time on the computer, work, household chores, lazy days, and you name it. I promised I’d get to it one of these days, and I finally kept that promise.

There were no extravagant plans for the bench.  Just a coat or two of fresh paint, and the proper placement of it in our living space. 

To accomplish my plan, I picked out a black spray paint to help me do the job.  And without much effort at all,  I produced a cute little bench that would serve it’s purpose in our spare bedroom – all for an hour or two of my time, and $3.00. Yes, you read it correctly – $3.00 in spray paint.

project 005

This little bench has so much character.  All it needs now are a few accessories like a couple of cute pillows and a pretty throw to make it complete.

I have some material stored away that has been screaming for my attention too.  Maybe it’s time to dig it out and make some pillows to brighten this bench up.  I’m just not as handy with a sewing machine as I am with a can of spray paint…

Do you like to re-purpose things?  Or do you buy new? 

Next up on my blog, cute decorations for your Thanksgiving day table.

6 thoughts on “Projects and Re-Purpose

  1. We love finding things…furniture, plates, ect…and turning them into something special. Your bench looks amazing! I’m glad you shared some of your other creative projects with us.

  2. Sandra, that Chicken Alfredo Pizza you recently posted inspired me to get back into the kitchen – lol! My problem – I like food entirely too much. I hope if you get into the DYI mode you share it with all of us! Good to hear from you 🙂

  3. Hey Girl, good to see you here again. You did an amazing job with the bench. I’m trying really hard to get into re-purposing and other projects around the house. My waistline has staged a rebellion. As much as I love to bake and devour all the sweet treats I know I should lay low. With the holidays upon us that will be a challenge. Your project has inspired me to channel by inner DIY and let the creative juices flow. Looking forward to your next post.


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