The tale of the (terrible) chocolate pudding

This spring I have been busy cleaning and organizing each room in our house.  A quick re-do on the spare bedroom, steam cleaning carpets, washing windows, and sorting out my (worldly possessions) for a yard sale are all part of the grand scheme of things. I feel productive and satisfied when I de-clutter, clean, and organize.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get that same feeling when I made a new chocolate pudding recipe this morning.

I found the recipe for this chocolate pudding on-line (I’m not sharing the recipe with you because I don’t think it’s worthy).  The recipe had good reviews so I figured I’d be safe in making it.  I was wrong!   Although the pudding is healthy, it lacked in flavor and creaminess.  I  think that came from the recipe calling for too much corn starch, and too little chocolate.   I sprinkled a crushed Butterfinger candy bar on top.  I wouldn’t say it helped, or hurt the pudding.

Let’s just say the picture makes the pudding look better than it really was. And, although the pudding was a failure, I made more progress with my cleaning project this afternoon.

choc pudding 014

Do you have a flavorful and creamy chocolate pudding recipe you’d like to share?  I’m still looking.


13 thoughts on “The tale of the (terrible) chocolate pudding

  1. Isn’t it disappointing to try a recipe that you think you’ll love, and have it fail? I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you, but hopefully there’s a great pudding recipe just waiting for you. I haven’t tried Barefoot Contessa’s double chocolate pudding, but I hear it’s delicious!


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