Lemon cheesecakes with black raspberry glaze

Today, it snowed again. Very un-welcomed after a couple beautiful 60 degree days. My mind is focused on spring. I really need to get out in my flower garden and do some serious work. It appears that our chickens love my flowers as much as I do. Of all the places they can roam. Guess where they end up? Yes, in my flower garden. I’m actually worried they may have dug some of my perennials completely out of the garden. Maybe I could teach them to weed the garden and leave the flowers alone. Did I tell you I’m a realist?
Since I couldn’t work outside today I took to the kitchen instead. I decided lemon cheesecakes with black raspberry glaze were in order. You can’t get much springier than that. Can you? I’d love to hear what your idea of a spring dessert is.These little desserts are sweet and tangy. Because of their size they are a nice finish to a big meal.  If you’d like the recipe please email me.  I’ll be glad to share it. 
Oh, one more thing.  This week my blog will turn one year old.  Pay close attention because I’ll be celebrating with a great giveaway!!