Welcome Spring Chicks

Today, we got a few (okay, more than a few) baby chicks from the Tractor Supply Company
Tonight, they are peeping madly while adjusting to their new home. 

I’m looking for chicken names – any ideas?  The names Henny Penny, Foghorn Leghorn, Red Head,  Roostie and Crooked Toe are already taken 🙂 




14 thoughts on “Welcome Spring Chicks

  1. I love all the name ideas!
    My favorites is Camilla because I LOVED the Muppet Show. My Dad’s friend and son worked for the muppets. The muppets they operated were none other than the CHICKENS!

  2. Cute little chicks….oohhhh. Oh I wan to name one. How about……..

    – kernel sanders

    – Camilla: female chicken from the Muppet Show. She had blue eyelids and was used as Gonzo’s love interest.

    – Chicken Little

    – Lady Cluck

  3. This is the CUTEST! I could never own chickens or I would be vegan. And they would sleep in my bed the first night and my other half would be livid. Such little sweeties! You can name one Dionne it works for a boy *or* a girl!


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