Kitchen Disasters

Confessions, I’ve had horrible, disastrous, luck in the kitchen this week. Not once, but twice.  A new chocolate cake recipe I decided to try was a complete failure – dry, and as heavy as a brick. The new rice pudding recipe I tried wasn’t any better.  In light of this, I decided to take a break from the kitchen and I ventured outside for a some fresh air and warmer temperatures.  Here is what I found.
Bright, blue skies on February 17, 2011
Henny Penny ventured out of the chicken coop
Taughannock Falls
A lilac bud, waiting for spring

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Disasters

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  2. I’m feeling the same way. Tinkered with a recipe today and it just doesn’t look right. Will find out tomorrow when we cut into it. Keeping my fingers crossed and throwing salt over my shoulder!

  3. Oh I understand the feeling….a couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend experimenting on a savory recipe for my little baker. I tried 3 different things and had to throw them all away. But it happens and then we go back on track!

  4. I hear ya.. I kind of have been slacking in the kitchen/blogging.. That’s too bad about the cake and rice pudding!!

    That little bud gives me hope!! I can’t wait for spring!!


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