Is it interesting enough?

Today I read an interesting  post written by the author of Food Woolf.  I stumbled across this blog on Twitter.  I’m glad I did.  The post is titled Are you Fascinating“.   The author touches upon the importance of our contributions as bloggers, and the importance of what we have to say, and how we say it.  Her opinion differs with that of (as she describes her) a well-respected food blogger that she heard speak at a recent food blogging conference.  This piece is definitely worth the read.  

I actually had began to wonder if  what I write is interesting enough.  Have you ever wondered this?  Maybe it’s because I feel a bit vulnerable without my camera to help tell  my stories.  Maybe it has nothing to do with the  camera. 

Truthfully, looking back,  this feeling started when I decided to cut back on my baking which resulted in less baking posts.  After all, my blog is a food blog.  People follow it for that reason.  It attracts like-minded people.   Offering a healthy post with a cup of sugar-free Jell-O isn’t quite the same.  I get that.  I’d much rather read a post that offers a great recipe and pictures of a piece of homemade apple pie too. 

Maybe part of  my recent worries come from seeing  some of my fellow bloggers progressing, moving full steam ahead.  Many are receiving  great opportunities to promote their blogs while mine sits stalled.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am very happy for them.  But – seeing their success  makes me question my future as a blogger. 

Part of me  is also battling that dreaded – shhhh – writers block.  I can lay a post out in my head, and the minute I sit down to actually write it, everything (as they say) goes to hell in a handbasket.  I think that comes from my urge to chatter about things that may not interest my readers at all.  Knowing this, I struggle.  Do I write for myself?  Or, do I write for the sake of others?  It’s not easy sharing yourself with people you don’t know.  It requires self-confidence,  trust,  and a bit of courage (as you all know). 

I’ve written at other places too.  Example, at .  There, my pieces  ranged from fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  Each article written at Helium is rated by peers.   Some of my writings at Helium were more complex, some  more personal, some offered my knowledge, or opinions about certain subjects, and some were  just for fun.   Some articles required research, like the writing contest I entered about the campaign finance system.  My articles on Helium helped me grow as a writer,  just as writing for my blog does.

I suppose that I should just relax and take some of Food Woolf’s advise “Don’t believe the voices that tell you that what you do isn’t special.”   The mere fact that I enjoy writing, and I do it often, is probably what is most important.  I have some very loyal readers who I truly appreciate, and I consider each of them excellent bloggers. I’m thankful I’m in such good company. 


25 thoughts on “Is it interesting enough?

  1. We all read different blogs for different reasons. Of course we all love recipes and pictures, but I love my friendships just as much, if not more. I am interested in people first, then I can share my love of food with them. I consider myself special, like we all should, and I don’t loyally read a hundred blogs, but I read yours 🙂 There should never be any pressure to make your blog your career. Blogs started for the exact opposite reason. Have fun, express yourself, teach yourself, and share yourself with others, and you can’t go wrong. ❤

  2. I think when it comes down to it, what we write is who we are, and we should write about what interests us, I think thats why people follow us, not necessarily because we make one certain food, but because how we write about what we do……that and because a lot of who we read or read us are friends and have become more than just someone, somewhere typing on a keyboard…..we have relationships, we talk about things in our lives, we make friends thousands of miles away from us, many of which we will never meet face to face……
    So does it matter what you write about, to some I’m sure, but not to the regulars who frequent your blog and leave comments…….we come because of you…..well thats my take on it!
    Hope your weekend is going well

    1. Thanks Dennis. You certainly have a true following and I appreciate your take on this subject! I never realized when I started writing that I’d find so many friends – we are so fortunate.

  3. Thanks for posting this because I have seen this expressed a few times on Foodbuzz and on the forum.

    Sometimes it’s also good to revisit your title for your blog and your ‘about’ page to see how you may have changed from your first intentions.

    Also, you’ve nearly done a whole year on here, how are you going to celebrate?

    Looking forward to more, sent with affection, Pauline.

    1. Pauline, glad you enjoyed the topic. I am going to take a look at my about page as you suggest. You’re right it has been almost a year since I started blogging. Hmmm – celebration? I hadn’t thought about that one. Great idea!

  4. You obviously have loyal readers. Trying to grow as a writer can be difficult when you have an audience watching your every move. I almost closed down my blog last spring because I felt at a dead end. I pushed my way through it, and although I’m looking at expanding or changing my blog, I feel I grew by moving forward.
    When I write a ‘dude’ post I just remind myself there will always be another one. It’s a balance between writing precious thoughtful posts vs. writing posts that are spontaneous and following your intuition.

  5. I have been posing myself these questions since quite some time now and I still do not have the answer. One thing I do believe, though, is that for the very reason that you question yourself you are growing. Questioning yourself makes you work harder at doing what you are doing better.

    1. Sara – I’m glad it’s not just me, but in the same sense, I don’t think you should be worrying about this either. Your blog is very successful in my book. You are sincere in what you do and I like that. I can see from all the comments that fellow bloggers leave they do too. I think part of the problem is we put high expectations on ourselves. I don’t like to fail at anything. So, I guess I’ll do just what you said and work harder.

  6. So many great points have been made and I share the same sentiments. When it stops being fun, then we know it’s time to hang up our aprons and turn off the laptop. Until then we write, bake, cook, stumble and often mumble along the way. All the while refusing to let “the voices in our head” keep us from our passion. I enjoy your blog and your pictures are always great.

  7. I am just adding my two cents to the other comments. I love to read your posts…jell-o or apple pie or just whatever you have to say. Your posts are always well written and thought out. I wish there wasn’t that undercurrent of competition among the blogs. It’s almost like being back in middle school and watching the “popular” girls get all of the attention. But really, it’s not. We all have started our blogs because we have something to say…whether it’s to ourselves or to our followers. Some of us blog to escape, some to show off, some to stretch our creative wings, but regardless, it’s our own personal efforts and we should all be proud of the energy we put into them. Hopefully that writer’s block you feel will pass just like a bad cold. The sun will come out, the snow will melt, the camera will get fixed.

    1. Thanks Kristen! You have good points. I always look forward to your posts regardless of your reason(s) for writing them, and I absolutely love your courage to make the videos for us. I can’t wait for more of those to come. It’s so exciting!

      Update on my camera – it took seven days to reach Laradeo 🙂 The good news – it’s finally there – Yea!!!!

  8. You are most certainly interesting enough, and more.

    As Dionne said, it is normal to feel that way sometimes. I and thrilled and I envy those that get recognized too and wonder if what I write makes a difference some times.

    Then I try to remember why I started the blog….I love sharing food and I did a blog because I love it and it is fun. If people want to come along for the ride then great.

    It is really hard not to compare ourselves since we have so many ‘friends and competitors’, but what is important in the end is that you blog must make you happy and that is what will shine out of it.

    1. Evelyne – I’ll come along for the ride on your blog anyday! I love your sense of adventure, and all the times you share that with us. I’m still trying to figure out how to safely send you some maple syrup without paying a fortune in postage 🙂

  9. I cannot speak for others but I know there are times that I feel the same. My blogging peers receiving hundreds of loving comments, products from well-known baking or cooking brands, dozens of photos accepted by those glamorous food photography sites…but after a slump of my own disappointment I usually make some growth of my own and remind myself that I did say I would blog because I wanted to.

    My whole point is not to talk about myself but to assure you that I have started reading your blog because I feel as though your posts are a bit of YOU. Not all dolled up and fancy to get more readers but your writing really feels real and personal. I love that. Photos or not, I enjoy being here. I actually admired your post about the Jello because it seems as though you are not afraid to blog about whatever you want.

    What you do is special. It’s who you are and I appreciate you!

    1. Awww…. Dionne you are so kind. I’m glad you take me for what I am – lol! You are right – I think the majority of us blog because we truly enjoy it. I’m so glad to have found your blog too!

  10. I’m intrigued by this article…and I can’t wait to read it…but I couldn’t leave without telling you how much I love your blog and what you do here! I think you are VERY interesting, and I’m always excited to see new posts from you. Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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