Welcome the fall with Mini Apple Pies

If you like apple pie, and have a cookie cutter, you’ll love these little mini’s.  I found a recipe in the September issue of  Better Homes and Gardens  that inspired me to make these.  Their recipe was actually for Apple Pie Pops.  Very cute… but not very practical.  I loved the concept of the pie pops, but knew they wouldn’t last long on a stick, so why bother with the sticks?

The recipe for the Apple Pie Pops can be found on page 212.  I used BHG’s recipe for the concept, but tweaked it with my own apple pie making skills.  I did pre-cook the filling like the recipe suggested.  Otherwise, the apples wouldn’t have a chance to cook completely before the little crusts were finished baking, and I veered off course from their recipe by making my own double pie crust from scratch. 

These are great little dessert’s that will travel well.  They would be perfect for fall gatherings.  We enjoyed our’s with our family after a great dinner. 

Can you imagine them filled with peach, raspberry, blackberry, grape, cherry?


15 thoughts on “Welcome the fall with Mini Apple Pies

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  3. This is my active blog. Sorry for the confusion. I’m really happy with the little pies. My hubby likes them because the filling doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the crust – a nice balance. He’s a crust fan.

  4. So I just figured out that you have two blogs….I wondered why I was getting lost. Okay, now that I have just admitted to being an airhead, let me tell you how delightful those little pies are. I am so excited for apples to be in season. It makes up for the shorter days!

  5. We are cute! We both think alike. I love apple pies, so I know that this would be a wonderful adaptation to what I made yesterday. Thank you for sharing with me 🙂


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